FEMA camps and a new economy — Is forced-labour the last hope of the Western elites? Writing Contest


Mick McNulty
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Rumours of large numbers of plastic coffins being stored at FEMA camps nationwide naturally make us wonder what is in store for those held inside the camps, but one possibility is those coffins are not being prepared for those held within but for those held without. Maybe as some people already believe, many Americans will be trying desperately to get into the camps, not out of them. Whatever their purpose, few people in the West doubt we are on the cusp of a catastrophic event, be it a military or economic failure.

Back in the 1970s when some corporate and manufacturing interests first moved their production facilities to the Far East to increase profits through lower wages and poorer safety conditions, anybody who could analyse the economics and think ahead could see this would ultimately lead to the end of the Western economy and the primacy of the East. Ironic, really, when we remember how from childhood our rulers often warned us about the dangers of communism; while some strands of Western thinking like socialism or kibbutzism borrowed parts from communist ideology, capitalism went over there and bought it.

Those in the highest echelons of financial and political planning must have known this was a mistake regarding the security of our future production capabilities and our assured self-sufficiency (one definition of autarky). Though they knew this was the case they still continued, because the money was just too good. ‘Let’s give it another year, eh..?’ Then another. And now here we are just a few decades later, not only the toiling classes who are poorer but many of the professional classes also. Now our leaders tell us austerity is the only way out of this mess which they created, but having caused it their measures are not going to cure it. They will send us spinning faster down the plughole, and only another economic system can save us.

Our rulers may have found another system which would serve their interests, but rob us of ours. Their only hope now to return production to the West and compete against Eastern markets at a profit while avoiding prohibitive or everyday costs, is to introduce a system which pays for goods and services but which does not pay for labour. Nobody who is able to earn a living will volunteer his labour or craft or time at no charge, so while some can be coerced into working for nothing such as those in custody or those without any other source of income, everybody else – the able-bodied at least – may have to be forced into doing so.

The first question facing any forced-labour economy is who can be compelled to work and who cannot? Is it to be the captives of war or the people of a conquered land, or will it be the socio-economic groups within your own country who are not protected by their collective political power? One important consideration of enslaving your own kind is that this workforce will naturally reproduce the next workforce, over which you can exercise great control over everything from their future training to their right to life.

In a new economic model those who have skills can be reclassified as unskilled. A doctor who can open a private surgery for the wealthy can escape forced-labor but a nurse who used to work on the same hospital ward, caring for the hoi-polloi, probably could not. The well-being of the hoi-polloi is of little concern to the elite, and so therefore are our nurses. Apart from those who have specialist skills or licences with a high market value such as engineers or train drivers, the market value of the rest of us would be very low for sure. Factor in other living costs such as a minimal balanced diet and typical care like clothing and a bed, dental treatment and glasses, you may soon become too expensive to keep when compared to your projected lifetime earnings. It should be remembered that though today there are sectors of the economy which cater for those of low incomes such as cheap-brand foods and clothing, these sectors will end if workers are no longer paid. Only the wealthy will have purchasing power by earning whatever is the next medium of exchange – perhaps a system of gold and silver coin or specie, with fewer high-demonination notes that may hold a value – and there will be no assembly-line furniture for them. ‘Only craftsmen need apply’.

A system of hundreds of camps would from conception be planned to provide for every need of this new economy. Some would be work camps, others prison camps, others for military and security training, but many would be there for the benefit of, and perhaps funded by, major sectors of the economy. With little oversight these could become places of live experimentation in fields like medicine and test-engineering. If they want to know if their new ejector-seat will save the pilot, stick a pleb in it and see….

It may well be that in some of these camps it won’t be grown men and women they want. Maybe we are the last thing their Commanding Officers want? Perhaps it is our kids they’ll be after? Youngsters of seven or eight don’t have enough life-experiences to organise themselves into collectives and to all intents and purposes each would be alone. They’ll be there to be moulded for a few hours a day in carefully structured education and fitness classes – with lots of tests and assessments – and for the rest of the day, maybe for up to eight hours, they can be made to produce or pack goods to meet some military or elite demand. Those who are meek but aware will be ideal for domestic serfdom, which will be preferred by many to escape the regimentation of the barracks and any sacrifices that follow.

In these camps the perimeter guards would have their guns pointing not in at the kids but out at the parents, and there are more people than we’d care to imagine who would wear one or other uniform to ensure the workforce does just as it’s told. Their job would feed the kids and pay the landlord, while the brutally of a taskmaster will come with familiarity. Very soon.

Such a camp system wouldn’t have to be extensive forever. After ten or twenty years (a generation?), many camps will have fulfilled their initial functions of cheap production, youth indoctrination and selection; and the ‘unchosen’ ones locked outside to die out through whatever results from devastation. It’s cheap to let people die that way. You don’t have to feed, clothe or house them. The first group to perish will likely be those who no longer have their life-saving treatments, by which time the suicides should have caught up. Many people will be killed over food and other useful possessions and the weak will disappear fast. Still more will be killed in the leaderless society as old differences between the tribes resurface in an attempt to take control of society’s direction as it organises to survive outside the camps. New politics. New elites. Many coups.

Far-right movements will have been absorbed into the private security system and will enjoy coming under the Federal wing with their own branch of the government, able to influence decisions made in boardrooms which used to be voted on by Congress. They’ll be glad to exchange their Doc Martens for jackboots and become the privateer’s enforcers, while their old enemy the leftists are left to battle amongst themselves; the Leninists away to the Trotskyists while the Stalinists are at home to Mao. Guards will form new chapters of the Klan and organise weekend torching parties. The Christian Fundamentalists will be off on crusade looking out for Mulims, while the lapsed-Hebrews are trying to find out what both sides are looking most to buy. The Chinese will fight the Vietnamese as the Hell’s Angels ride hog to hunt down other biker gangs, while the Mob and the Triads won’t leave much left of each other.

No wonder if so many people may turn to the camps but this system will say, ‘Do not feed those mouths!’

The coffins may be for those of us outside. Even the greedy know resources have to be spent on disposing of large numbers of dead because decay breeds diseases like salmonella and botulism which would be spread by the pestilence that would flourish. As those outside the camps finally perish, with the last few survivors picked off by drones and security patrols after a decade or so, those chosen to live by this new totalitarian regime – a son or daughter now in early adulthood, many whose parents would not recognise them if they were described by new capabilities alone – will be aware of their choices. Live under the jackboot, or wear it.  

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