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Amaterasu Solar
Activist Post

“If the universe is made of mostly Dark Energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”

“If You want peace, take the profit out of war.”

“Information will free Us.”

Throughout My life, I had carried some odd memories, with mundane memory beginning at the age of one when I reached out to pet a cat, tail to head, and My great aunt instructed me to, “Always pet the way the fur grows.”

I remembered My father beaming down at me for a reason which I had no clear picture of. I remembered pestering Him for something. What it was, I did not know. I remembered Him coming home and waking Me up to tell Me something very important, but the content of His words was…not there.

I carried these enigmatic memories along with Me as I grew up and set into a career in banking.

Through My experiences in that field, I developed a keen understanding of economics, and developed the understanding that all money represented was meaningful energy expended. I could see that the first farmer was not using His produce – which was free to Him – but the energy He put forth in tilling, planting, tending, harvesting and transporting His produce as the “money” He used to trade with. The energy of the first miner who pulled free ores from the earth was what gave the ores their “value.” And so on.

Later, economists such as Jeremy Rifkin, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations, bore Me out on this.

It became clear to Me that if energy was free and robots could do all the necessary work no One wanted to do, there would be no need for money – with the cost of all energy removed all down the line until the resources themselves were given freely by Our abundant planet – and We, Humanity, would be free to pursue Our bliss rather than train for careers, slave for the enrichment of Others, give up what We love so that We could afford to eat.

For some reason I could not identify, I was certain that there was such a thing as “free energy,” energy that could be drawn by devices in greater quantity than the power input, and followed every announcement of such with great interest, only to discover a scam, or all information vanishing, or nothing further ever announced.

Through the discovery that cannabis had no widespread issues associated with its use, and in fact, had a phenomenal list of curative elements, and comparing that to the cost of the “War on (some People who use some) Drugs, I knew there were some who had motives in government beyond the betterment of Humanity – and it all surrounded profit and control. Thus My trip down into the rabbit hole began.

One day about two years ago, I came upon a copy of Secrets of Antigravity Propusion, by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette. Intrigued, I read it.

Very early on, the company, which My father worked for as one of the top electrical engineers, was mentioned a number of times as being in the forefront of research into electrogravitics.

“Ding!” A bell was struck. Wow. Where had I heard that before?

The description of what electrogravitics could do – gravity control (“antigravity”) and overunity (“free energy”) – set a few more bells off.

But I couldn’t pin them down. About two weeks after reading, however, I was struck with a full memory in stark clarity:

My father was cajoling Me, at about the age of two, to say, “electrogravitics.” I, being precocious and verbally advanced, said quite clearly, “electrogravitics!” My dad beamed down at Me and then ruffled My hair. “Very GOOD!” He said.

In the week that followed, I had a number of additional clarifications. I realized that I often begged My dad to tell Me what My future was going to look like because of His work in electrogravitics, much as some children beg for a favorite story book to be read. He would tell Me of flying cars, floating cities, “jet” packs (without the jets), and all the energy We could possibly use.

I also remembered what My dad said to Me when He came home that night, what that important thing was… “We can’t talk about the flying cars or floating cities anymore. Or about all the energy. We can’t even say the word, “electrogravitics,” because… They want it secret for now.”

Well. Now I understood why I was so sure that overunity did exist. And I also had something concrete (if presently hidden) to offer in conjunction with the level of robotics We have today (for the first time in the history We are aware of) to eliminate the need for money and free Humanity from slavery.

I also understood all the more the fact that much is hidden from Us and there are those who are trying to control Us and maintain that control.

Since the time I recalled the clarity in these memories, I have been working diligently to raise awareness to the tipping point of what We can do NOW on this planet, emailing every One I can, offering articles, and starting a petition to release electrogravitics from black projects, where it has been for over 50 years (http://www.change.org/petitions/us-military-release-the-technology-of-electrogravitics).

I believe that if I make a difference, the power elite will lose Their power over Us, and We will gain freedom from poverty, hunger, homelessness, oppression, class conflict, war and much more.  

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