Death of alleged murderer in Washington state highlights media bias against survivalism

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Joe Wright  
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A Washington state man suspected of murdering his wife and daughter had been on the run and was being hunted in his underground bunker by SWAT teams until his death was announced moments ago.

The FOX News article which recounts the details of 41-year-old Peter Keller and his hideout in the Cascade foothills pays almost equal attention to his being identified as a “survivalist,” as it does the fact that he was a man wanted for a horrible double murder.

Unfortunately this type of coverage echoes a growing chorus of those in major media who are demonizing survivalism, and even prepping, in concert with statements from the Federal government.

FOX News dedicates a fair amount of space to the ideology behind this suspected murderer:

According to court documents, Keller had been preparing for ‘the end of the world’ and had stockpiled weapons and food in the woods. He was also described by people who knew him as a ‘survivalist’ with a ‘distaste for authority.’

As if that alone serves as any reason whatsoever why he should have found himself surrounded by SWAT teams. The report also indicates some of the equipment that he had at his disposal; again, as an apparent implication of what might have led him to murder his wife and daughter:

Keller owned handguns, rifles, silencers and body armor, one of his colleagues at an IT firm told detectives.

Dating back to reports coming out of offices such as the Joint Terrorism Task Force during the Clinton administration, certain ideologies have been identified as potential threats to the rest of society.  Specifically mentioned are those who believe in the apocalypse and the End Times.  The natural extension to this, of course, is making preparations based on such a belief. (Source)

The popularity of the show Doomsday Preppers has offered a closer look into the “crazy” lifestyles of those who prepare for scenarios ranging from EMP attacks, the End Times, nuclear war, etc.  There is clearly a wink and a smirk peppered throughout the presentation of these individuals.

Meanwhile, governments the world over seem to be the group most preparing for an End Times scenario as they continue to stockpile ammunition, build underground bases and bunkers, and create fortified doomsday seed vaults.

It’s an ongoing double-standard portrayed by corporate media that sees government preparation for disaster as completely sane and logical, while individuals who build bunkers fortified with food and weapons are implied to be dangerous survivalists who might just kill their family, as Peter Keller had been accused of before having explosives detonated on top of his hideout. 

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