The Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance

Activist Post contributor J.G. Vibes releases full length book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance


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After over 3 years in the making my first book “Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance” is finished and ready to be released. There were some holdups with orders the first week because there was more of a demand than expected, but everything has caught up now and the title is once again available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble & can be ordered at the front desk of your favorite local bookstore.

I apologize to anyone who took the time to make an order only to find out that the book was out of stock and appreciate all of the help and support that everyone offered over the course of this long and difficult project. For a full table of contents that gives a more complete view of what to expect from this book you can check that page on our new website, where you can also find a detailed description of the cover art. I will also be submitting free samples of this book on a fairly regular basis through Activist Post. The following is an overview that can be found on the back of the book:

Throughout our entire lives some of our favorite works of art have been attempting to speak to us, they have been trying to tell us a story. What is that story? What is it that our favorite works of art have been trying to tell us? Well that’s what were about to find out! Most of the greatest art expresses some kind of message relating to the human desire to create a more peaceful and free society. Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance is a series that ties current artistic expressions to the historical progression of civil rights that has been hidden from mainstream culture.

This first installment has nearly 100 different essays featuring insight into philosophy, culture, finance, spirituality, politics, drugs and the many important issues that our generation faces. This series contains the background information that is necessary to truly understand the social messages that are contained within your favorite works of art.

There is a global movement for civil rights that has been using art, philosophy and civil disobedience to peacefully resist the oppression that has been forced upon the human race by various tyrants over the centuries. AOTMR takes a detailed look at this movement as well as its goals, its motivations and its opposition. This is your guide to the counter culture, the forgotten story of our past and the philosophy of the future.

You can pick up a copy today at THIS LINK

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