Activist Post Writing Contest Announcement

Win 2 Tickets to see David Icke at Wembley Arena and $500 for travel.

We are excited to announce a writing contest open to all of our readers. As we approach the much-discussed date of December 21st, 2012 — the end of the Mayan calendar — there is obviously a great awakening taking place. The elite are clearly aware of this and seem to be doing everything in their power to prevent a critical mass from realizing enlightenment. It appears they are trying to combat this vast vibrational change by attempting to overwhelm it with negative energy through wars, tyrannical laws, poisoned food and environment, and a host of other fear-inducing tactics.

It is certainly one of the most interesting times to be alive in the history of the human race. What we hope to achieve with this writing contest is to show the level of awareness that is building around the world. We want to read about your personal awakening, your perception of the changes taking place as whole, or your predictions for where this is all heading after the mythical apocalypse of 2012.

The winner will get two premium tickets to see David Icke perform at the Wembley Arena in London in October and $500 for travel expenses. As this once-in-a-lifetime event is the true prize for the contest, we will also accept submissions about your thoughts regarding David Icke’s work, including reviews of his books or previous events.

The winner will be determined strictly based on the highest number of total pageviews that the article generates during the contest, so that subjective judging will not affect the outcome. Not all submissions will be published and we’ll retain the right to make final small edits for typos and grammar. Please see the guidelines for submissions below:

  • Topics: Your personal awakening, your interpretation of the “agenda”, the global transformation taking place, predictions of a post-2012 world, reviews of David Icke’s material or what his work has meant to you.
  • Length: 1,500 words maximum.
  • Originals Only: The article must be original content for our exclusive use as the first website to publish it on the Internet.
  • Deadline: The contest officially begins on April 15, 2012 and will run through July 15, 2012. Articles will be reviewed and published in the order they are received. As the winner will be determined by total page views, the earlier you submit your article the better chance you have to win. The deadline for submission is June 15, 2012. The winner will be announced on July 31st, 2012.
  • Submissions: Submit completed articles via email to Submissions can be cut-and-pasted into an e-mail, or you may attach a Word file.

Best of luck to all, we look forward to hearing and sharing what you have to say.

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