USDA Drops Plan to Review Environmental Impact of Fracking in Mortgage Approval Process

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Despite the fracking process being shown to compromise air quality and cause cancer, as well as being a possible source of an increase in earthquakes, The U.S. Department of Agriculture has dropped the plan to require an extensive environmental review before approving mortgages to people who plan to use the land for oil and gas drilling. (Source)

As investigative journalist, Greg Palast, explains below this not only poses an incredible risk to drinking water, but it directly puts the government on the line for homes they guarantee the mortgages to that could be affected by fracking near or under their houses — essentially putting the taxpayer at risk once again.  Moreover, by declaring these homes safe, homeowners themselves may not have full recourse if a problem is discovered that makes their home virtually worthless. 

You might agree or disagree with solutions surrounding the now co-opted term of “sustainability,” but clearly this is a real environmental problem being swept under the carpet by the same big industry players such as Halliburton, which has been instrumental in putting the planet at risk on a number of levels including depleted uranium.

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