Obama Asks to See Hawaiian Woman’s Birth Certificate

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At Friday’s meet and greet in Oklahoma, President Obama took a prime opportunity to make light of the conflict surrounding his actual birth place.

A woman shaking his hand mentioned their one commonality: being born in Hawaii.

“Oh yeah, you’re a Hawaiian? You and me?” he grinned and asked. “You have your birth certificate?”  And the small crowd squealed with laughter.

No doubt, he’s used this line before. It’s hardly comical, though, to take a grave situation like the birthplace validity of one holding the highest authority in America — one signing off unilaterally on war actions and Executive Orders — and get the people laughing with him to make incensed questioners look like invalid kooks.  Of course we saw similar opportunistic showmanship with the shameless exploitation of the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  Clearly there are no bounds.


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