Green Climate Fund Wants Immunity from Any Kind of Prosecution

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Fox News is reporting that the Green Climate Fund, created by the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is seeking full diplomatic immunity from “any kind of legal process, including civil and criminal prosecution, in the countries where it operates.”

The U.N. enacted the legal framework for the private-public fund at the Copenhagen Accord in 2009, but it was ratified last year during COP-17 in Durban, South Africa. The fund, controlled by a 24-nation board of trustees, received $30 billion in start-up money from U.N. member nations.

The function of the Green Climate Fund is to be the facilitator of money between countries. According to Wikipedia they will act “as a mechanism to transfer money from the developed to the developing world, in order to assist the developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change.”

In other words, they are the group that decides where the money gets distributed. Clearly an outfit like this handling such large sums of money would be ripe for corruption.  And perhaps that’s why they seek this broad immunity before the wealth transfers begin in earnest.  Why else would any organization request immunity if they weren’t anticipating injustices in the actions they take?

Their stated objective is to mobilize $100 billion in annual funds.  They admit, however, that there’s “a lot of uncertainty where this money would have to come from.” Yet, they have outlined several potential sources of funding that further blends an already dubious relationship between governance and big business.

Potential sources for raising these funds include:

1. Public sources: The national governments could generate new incomes through the introduction of several new taxes, the removal of subsidies for fossil energy and the auctioning of emission allowances. These new forms of income could be added to the direct budget contributions by the national governments.

2. International development bank loans: These would form a leverage by channeling the funds that were raised by the other (potential) sources specified. They should be seen as a ‘secondary source/channel for generating additional flows, rather than as a separate source in their own right’.

3. Carbon markets: purchases of offsets in developing countries: ‘The potential scale of these resources is dependent on the stringency of the emissions reduction commitments of developed countries, on carbon market design and on the availability of eligible emissions reductions in developing countries.’

4. Private sector flows to developing countries: ‘The magnitude of flows would likely be higher, the better the investment climate in the developing country.’ Furthermore, ‘developed country policy actions, as well as the multilateral development banks, the United Nations and the investments and instruments of bilateral agencies, can catalyse and foster additional private sector flows’ (Source)

This type of unaccountable fascist organization has become the hallmark of what passes for governance these days.  A marriage between elite money changers and public policy makers where the wolves are always guarding the hen house.

Recently, a U.N. policy paper outlined the building blocks for a world government and suggested it should be “heavy-handed (in its) transnational enforcement powers.”  The excuse for building this fascist (corporate-run) world government with heavy-handed powers is of course to combat climate change. So it’s no surprise that this request for immunity should arise at the same time.

The Green Climate Fund, as well as the pending world government, does not want to have to answer to any other authority, especially the people they intend to tax and govern.  In other words, they want to be above the law.  We should all be wary of any organization seeking to be immune from any future injustices.  It just seems to be an excuse to get away with murder and fraud.

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