Coalition of Peace Activists Plan to Occupy NATO Headquarters this April

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A peace coalition known as the European Antimilitarist Network is planning a nonviolent humanitarian intervention at the NATO headquarters in Brussels this April 1st, 2012.  This network of antimilitarist groups is fed up with NATO using the “humanitarian” excuses to justify aggressive military intervention in sovereign nations.

Their website states “The increasingly trans­na­tional structure of military interventions requires activists to coordinate resistance activities better.”

The following groups pre­sently form the core of the net­work: War Resisters’ Interna­tional (International), Vredes­actie/Bombspotting (Belgium), alternativa antimilitarista-moc (Spain), Ofog – för en kärn­va­pen­fri värld (Sweden), Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft-Vereinigte KriegsdienstgegnerInnen (Ger­many), Gewaltfreie Aktion Atom­waffen abschaffen (Germany), Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto (AKL – Finland), Transnational Institute (TNI – Netherlands), Trident Ploughshares (Britain), Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee (GsoA – Switzerland).

They stress the need for multinational nonviolent activism to combat the international support system for war:

The wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, the military operations in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, or the European Union military in­terventions in Congo and Sudan would not have been possible without the use of military infra­structure in Europe. This military infrastructure – military bases, headquarters, satellite centres, ports, and even civilian airports used by the military – form the backbone for wars and inter­ventions.

The network is dedicated to actions of civil disobe­dience and nonviolent direct actions to stop the death and destruction of needless wars. But they emphasize that protesting is no longer enough to stop the war machine from continuing unabated. It’s time, they say, to “make the step from protesting against war to resisting war!”  And that resistance begins in organized fashion on April 1st at NATO’s headquarters in Belgium.

It has never been more urgent to resist serving the war machine in all of it’s capacities. Join their occupation and march on NATO this April.

Please visit and support the War Starts Here coalition today.

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