British Propagandist in Syria: The Good Guys?

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Just in time for the “Friends of Syria” conference led by former imperialists Britain and France who appear to be piecemeal reassembling their empires under the cover of US-led, NATO-backed “revolutions,” the world was treated to a spectacularly timed “casus belli.” It was dubiously reported by Western media that the Syrian government had intentionally shelled the position of British and French journalists in the city of Homs for the explicit purpose of “silencing them.” The reports claimed that the attacks were planned and broadcast over easily intercepted radio traffic picked up by intelligence officers in Lebanon. It would turn out that these journalists had illegally entered the country.

Photo: Conroy, second from left wearing a blue “press” vest, embraces terrorist Belhaj (4th from left wearing green army fatigues) and his men during a photo-op in NATO-ravaged Libya. The photo was featured on “Syrian Truth,” one of the many Western-backed propaganda fronts operating in both Syria and out of London. The photo itself first appeared in Conroy’s own report on Libya found in the Liverpool Echo. Both Conroy and Belhaj would next head to Syria after finishing their roles in destroying Libya.

Two journalists were allegedly killed, and others allegedly wounded including British “freelance journalist” Paul Conroy. After being evacuated, Conroy would make an impassioned plea for someone to stop what he called a “massacre beyond measure.” One wonders how exactly a military operation conducted against admittedly armed militants holding a city hostage can be called a “massacre,” and why despite Conroy and his colleagues having been in Homs, failed to justify with substantial evidence these claims.

One also must question the legitimacy and credibility of someone like Conroy who helped manipulate public perception against Qaddafi’s Libya now overrun by terrorist death squads he had previously posed with in pictures and called “freedom fighters.” Conroy didn’t just pose with young kids caught up in the fighting, he literally had his arms around Al Qaeda operative Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his retinue for a photo opportunity with the ruination of Libya as a backdrop.

Belhaj (aka al-Hasidi) admittedly fought US and British troops in Afghanistan. He was even captured and imprisoned by the US before being returned to Libya where Qaddafi kept him imprisoned until he disingenuously recanted his methods. Upon release, he would immediately be armed and backed by NATO in overthrowing Qaddafi and plunging Libya into the state of lawless terror it now enjoys. Belhaj’s organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), is still listed by the US State Department and the British Home Office as an international terrorist organization. Not only did they kill US and British troops in Afghanistan, but they had operated in Iraq as well, this according to a West Point Combating Terrorism Center report.

Belhaj, like Conroy, would quickly pack his bags and head for Syria after NATO had finished its regime change operation in Libya, with British Petroleum, Total, Shell-funded Petroleum Institute representative Abdurrahim el-Keib installed as “Prime Minister.” The Telegraph would report in November 2011 that Belhaj met with senior leaders of the “Free Syrian Army” on the Turkish-Syrian border. It was reported that Belhaj was pledging weapons and money (both of which he receives from NATO) as well as sending LIFG fighters to train and fight alongside Syrian militants. would confirm Belhaj and his LIFG’s role in not just assisting Syrian militants but in fact leading them in NATO’s armed destabilization of Syria.

It is with this backdrop, that we can then read again Conroy’s “impassioned pleas.” He is pleading for NATO to do to Syria what it has done to Libya. Not liberate it nor protect civilians, but to hand it over to confirmed foreign terrorists, listed to this day as such, who are now roaming the streets of Libya’s once proud cities torturing, murdering, and looting alley-to-alley with absolute impunity as NATO’s proxy government facilitates nationwide looting by Western contractors.

Conroy has demonstratively associated with known terrorists, and as such has potentially violated both American and his native British government’s provisions regarding “providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.” Thus, instead of humoring his baseless pandering on behalf of foreign militants, he should be exposed, publicly accused and tried for violating both national and international law. If Conroy is considered a “good guy,” one we should feel sympathy for and whose pleas should stir our emotions and bodies to action, the West has clearly reached an unprecedented level of moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

Conroy literally embraced men who were responsible for the death of US and British troops, who died under the false impression they were fighting a worthy cause against the forces of terror — the very forces now being handed nation after nation in the wake of US led, NATO-backed destabilization across the Arab World. He is no hero, nor a “good guy.” He and the men he associates with, as well those who give these men platforms to spread their lies like the Guardian, are the shame of modern Western civilization.

It is time for people to make a decision. Either we stand for the truth and condemn what is wrong regardless of who, what, where, when, and why, or we stand for nothing. Conroy has clearly made his choice in supporting known-terrorists. Russia and China with their sensible UNSC vetoes obstructing (temporarily) this ongoing NATO atrocity, have made theirs.

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