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Any of us who grew up with government schooling were given a very inaccurate view of what bureaucracies are all about.  This should not be so much of a surprise because the school system itself is a bureaucracy, so they have an obvious bias. 

The last place that we should expect to find information critical of the establishment is an organization that is a primary fixture of that establishment.  Sadly, the true face of government programs is far different from what we are told in school, and in the mainstream media.

A bureaucracy is the absolute worst kind of monopoly because it is a monopoly with a limitless bankroll.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter how unproductive and unpopular it is, there will always be funding for it.  In fact, there is actually far more incentive for bureaucrats to do a poor job with the task at hand, than to provide meaningful services to the community.  Why is that you ask?  Because bureaucrats actually get paid more money when they do a poor job, and they even run the risk of becoming unemployed if they complete the stated mission of their department.  I know it sounds crazy, but this is actually the way things work.  
Bureaucracies are established to fix some sort of perceived social problem; at least that’s what we are told anyway.  Now, if they were to actually achieve their stated goal, then there is no additional task for them, and their job becomes obsolete.  On the other hand, if they are able to corner whatever market they are in, prevent anyone from doing a better job and just let the problem fester, they are able to milk their mission until the end of their lives.  To make matters even worse, when they can prove that they are desperately failing at their mission, they are always rewarded with more money.  Could you imagine screwing everything up at work and being rewarding with a bonus from your boss?  What kind of behavior would that encourage you to adopt?  Well this is what happens every single time that a bureaucracy demands “more funding” for problems that they haven’t put a dent in throughout their whole existence.

What is also very interesting about these various government monopolies is the fact that they are always focused on pivotal control points which render populations helpless and dependent upon the state for survival.  I promise you this is no mistake.  The intent of these organizations is without a doubt to control very specific aspects of our lives, which is why the government insists that they are the only ones able to provide these services.  This is a strategic maneuver which is targeted at specific trade sectors that are absolutely vital to the lives of individuals.  The idea here is to enslave people by keeping them so sheltered that they forget how to take care of themselves, or even forget that they have the ability to take care of themselves.  This is all done under the guise of providing security, protection and “help for those in need”.

Unfortunately, these programs do very little to help anyone in the long term, aside from those who are employed by them maybe; and, of course, those who are seeking to control the population.  Food, education, land, communications, trade and other choke points for a society are all controlled by supposedly benevolent state monopolies that allow for absolutely no competition in their respective realms.  Regardless of the public relations spin that these organizations are given, their actions in relation to average people show us that it’s all about control.
Even the most popular of bureaucracies such as the EPA are still more concerned with controlling people, land and resources than they are with achieving their stated goal of environmental protection.  How do we know this?  Well let’s take a look at some of the most recent actions taken by this organization that is apparently so concerned with the environment.  This past January the EPA was involved in a nasty legal dispute with a family who wished to build a private residence on land they owned for years in the state of Idaho.  Meanwhile this same organization has spent the past 10 years hiding and downplaying the environmental consequences of natural gas fracking
When we look into the actions taken by these organizations it becomes obvious that they were not established to help us, but to control us.  When we see bureaucracies like the TSA and the Department of Defense (formerly the Department of “War”), the autocratic nature of these programs are even more obvious.  It seems like everyday there is a new complaint against the TSA for their invasive groping procedures, their radioactive body scanners, or their authoritarian enforcement agents.

Restricting travel and land development are definitely serious transgressions, but the government doesn’t stop there.  They even want control of our bodies and everything that we put into our bodies.  This most sinister aspect of modern bureaucracy is often overlooked, because by now most people are accustomed to the government putting their nose into every aspect of our lives.  The Food and Drug Administration exists under the pretense that they are keeping the food supply safe for average Americans.  However, when you see that companies like Monsanto are basically running the FDA, any claims to defend the food supply become laughable.

The toxic trash that passes for food these days is placed on every store shelf without question, while organic farmers are being raided for supplying their community with nutritious raw milk.  Recently the FDA even went so far as to decree that our bodies are drugs, so they have the right to regulate our bodies now.  This was around the same time they starting pushing through legislation that would actually make a lot of vitamins and supplements completely illegal, forcing everyone to depend on the chemical medication offered by big pharmaceutical companies.  This is certainly not speculation; these types of organization have been found with deep ties to big pharma monopolies time and time again.  Just this year the wall street journal reported that FDA had secret connections with Bayer, that greatly influenced their actions in Washington.  Connections like these have also provided the motivation for forced vaccination programs, and other potential rights violations.
It is a commonly known economic fact that monopolies make for high prices and low quality, since a monopoly is guaranteed payment regardless of service quality, as they are the only show in town.  Yet we allow massive coercive monopolies to manage the most vital aspects of our society and our personal lives.  The organizations mentioned in this article are out of control because they can do whatever they want with absolutely no accountability to the community.  Opening up these vital areas to competition by allowing members of the community to provide these services voluntarily would naturally encourage the kind of behavior that the community demanded.  The TSA is becoming such a problem for travelers that this kind of approach is actually being considered.  Just this week the Senate passed a bill allowing airports to evict TSA screeners, and replace them with private security companies that might actually be held to integrity of their work. 
Monopolies encourage nefarious behavior, especially when that monopoly is given a license to use violence on others without consequence.  This is the problem with the TSA and this is also why we see such authoritarian attitudes from police across the country as well.  If the police in your district are corrupt, it’s not like you can stop patronizing them and search for another security provider.  However, in areas that the police completely neglect, there are actually private citizens taking matters into their own hands to provide security for their community.  This has happened to a great degree in one of the nation’s most dangerous cities, Detroit.  In Detroit the cops are absolutely worthless and corrupt, so the community fully understands that they cannot be counted on for protection.  To counter this problem, citizens have taken matters into their own hands to create security companies who are actually concerned with making the community safer, instead of just generating revenue.  Sure they are still making a profit, but they are making a profit by providing a need in the community and receiving voluntary payments, not through extortion and exploiting nonviolent “law breakers”.  The bottom line is, everything that a bureaucracy does can be done far better and cheaper by people who are dependent upon community support for their economic survival.

J.G. Vibes is an author, and artist — with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his company — Good Vibes Promotions promotes for electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his forthcoming book Alchemy Of The Modern Renaissance, at his Facebook page. AOTMR will be released in March 2012, thanks to Leilah Publications. This project features nearly 100 different essays, just like this one, that cover a wide variety of topics. These essays give historical and philosophical insight into the many important issues that our generation faces. From banking cartels and alternative currency to eugenics and the drug war, AOTMR offers a complete and comprehensive breakdown of the counter culture’s struggle.

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