Russia continues to take action in opposition to US-NATO ABM program

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
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Russia has been opposed to the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) program headed up by the United States and NATO for a considerable amount of time, this is far from news to anyone who has been keeping up with this issue.

However, in recent months, Russia has been taking what is arguably a more active and direct role in opposing the system currently being put in place in Europe (with some assets strategically placed in regions outside of continental Europe).

Indeed, not too long ago I reported on Russia’s move to roll out an advanced warning radar system of their own to compete with (and potentially defend against) the US-NATO program.

This announcement added to the long list of reasons why Russia has every right to be suspicious of the ultimate goal of the US-NATO missile shield by proving that the West has no interest in working with Russia. Unsurprisingly, when Russia offered to have this advanced warning system integrated into the US-NATO system, their offer was not accepted.

At the time I wrote:

Russian President Medvedev stated that these could be used as part of a joint detection system, but obviously Europe has no interest in cooperating with Russia in such a project.

This fact deals a major blow to the false assertion that it is a purely peaceful, defensive measure. If this were the case, it would only make sense for the United States and NATO to integrate Russian systems in order to have more comprehensive detection system.

With all of the evidence piling up showing that this is not a purely defense measure to protect us from those evil people who hate us for our freedom as proponents laughably claim.

It appears that the Russian leadership is well aware of this and thus they are not stopping with just the additional radar systems.

Recently, Russia’s Commander of the Baltic Fleet, Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that the Russian Defense Ministry would be modernizing two of their airfields in the Baltic region.

“We are planning to increase the length of the runway to 3,500 meters at the airfield in Chkalovsk so that it would be able to receive any kind of aircraft, including Boeings and Airbuses,” Chirkov said.

This modernization will not be instant, with total construction time being somewhere around two years, but considering that they are also reconstructing a Soviet-era airfield on the Baltic Spit for hydroplanes, this is a noteworthy announcement.

These bases would be in what is known as the Kaliningrad exclave, or Kaliningrad Oblast, meaning it is a federal subject of Russia.

This is one of Russia’s most strategic locations since it is surrounded by the Baltic Sea along with Poland and Lithuania, both of which are NATO member nations.

Chirkov stated that the Baltic Fleet would gain no less than four amphibious aircraft for both reconnaissance and search and rescue missions all by March of next year, although it is unclear if that is related to this announcement given the supposed time line of two years for reconstruction.

Then again, we have to consider that some details might be fudged or withheld by the Russian Information Agency (RIA) Novosti, which originally released the announcement.

RIA Novosti makes a point of highlighting the strategic nature of the Kaliningrad exclave and thus these planned bases in writing that “The importance of the Kaliningrad exclave … to Russia’s national security has grown considerably in the past few years as Moscow searches for ways to counter the European missile shield.”

They also mention that Russia has already activated a long-range radar system in the region, which is likely the same radar system I mentioned previously.

Apparently Russia is going to be arming the region more heavily as well with S-400 Triumf air defense systems along with Iskander (SS-26 Stone) tactical missile systems.

It will be interesting to see how the West reacts to this move given their insistence on refusing any cooperation with Russia.

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin (who is controversial and oft criticized in the West for obvious reasons) has also come out against the growing relationship between Georgia and the United States/NATO.

I have been documenting these growing ties heavily in my series, “U.S. and NATO are on the march worldwide” which I highly recommend if you’re even remotely interested in the projection of Western hegemony around the globe and the way in which this is progressing.

Recently Putin said that the move to rearm Georgia by the United States was a “huge mistake,” adding that Moscow was “constantly raising the issue” with American diplomats.

Putin was asked by a commander of the Russian military base in South Ossetia about “media reports that an agreement has been reached during the U.S.-Georgia summit in Washington about the large-scale supply of arms to Georgia.”

“I was not there sitting under the table and I do not know what they have agreed on,” Putin responded. “Although I hope some of our guys were there to tell.”

Putin added that the United States began “rearming” Georgia “immediately” after the August 2008 war between Russia and Georgia ended.

“I think it’s a huge mistake, because the current leadership of Georgia carries out clearly an aggressive policy and supply of arms to the armed forces of a country, which carries out aggressive policy always inevitably encourages it on aggressive actions,” Putin said.

He said that – like many other things the United States does – the arming of Georgia “is an open secret,” adding that they “react appropriately, but not publicly, on that.”

Putin also indicated that the Russian military intelligence community is keeping track of the “movement of vessels [and] the volume of cargo” via satellites and other surveillance methods.

“We are constantly raising the issue with them [the U.S.]. I very much hope that the Georgian side will have enough common sense and lessons taught concerning the adventurous policy of the Georgian leadership will not be in vain and I hope these weapons will not be used for new aggressive actions,” Putin said.

Of course the United States has absolutely no interest in making Georgia a peaceful state which would work with Russia.

In reality, Georgia is just another pawn in the global effort to encircle those few nations who fail to follow every order the West issues.

That being said, Putin made an effort to differentiate between “the Georgian leadership and the Georgian people,” something which I think is very important.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that citizens have almost no control over their governments anymore and thus cannot be held accountable for the wrongs their so-called leaders commit in their name.

Putin also expressed some hope for the future, saying that the only reason the ties between Russia and Georgia were cut to begin with was because of the policies of the Georgian leadership. I also think it is quite likely that their close relationship with the West has a lot to do with it.

“I very much hope that this is genuinely brotherly people for us will ultimately realize, that Russia is not an enemy, but it is a friend and relations will be restored,” Putin said.

Indeed, Russia would be a lot better off with Georgia as a friend and ally and thus they have no interest in antagonizing them. Yet, Georgia has a great more incentive to act aggressively towards Russia given that it will just get them points with the West.

It is impossible to tell what this confrontation over the European ABM system will bring at this point. However, I do not think that it is shaping up to be a calm resolution.

With both sides arming themselves to the teeth, and the West showing absolutely no willingness to compromise or work with Russia, the signs are not bright.

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