Mystery: Mass Dolphin Deaths By Beaching

Heather Callaghan
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Around 129 dolphins mysteriously beached themselves upon Cape Cod in the last few weeks. The death toll is now up to 92, a bleak fatality rate. The dolphins sustain injuries as they are beached and have little time before organ damage, sunburn, and seagulls take their toll.

Marine biologists are extremely baffled at the unknown cause, as a comparable mass dolphin beaching hasn’t happened since the ’90s, and the Cape Cod dolphins show no signs of stopping soon.

The speculated causes are weather patterns, tide changes, and the social behavior of dolphins who follow their friends in packs.  But what is leading to their confusion?

Usually, when lowering tides cause beaching, more than one type of animal lands ashore. This case is specific to dolphins only, and more have beached themselves in the last three weeks than the combined amount of dolphins beached in a year. That the event is confined to this particular location is odd, too.

Rescue workers take the animals to health trailers and evaluate and tag them to try and detect a pattern in their deaths. So far, there are no patterns. The dolphins have empty stomachs which only tells biologists that they are in fact searching for food, but the mass confusion is still a mystery.

“What we are seeing does not indicate any pattern of disease or injury or lesions that would indicate one particular cause for this event,” said Katie Moore of International Fund for Animal Wildlife. “If we have different weather patterns, we could have a different distribution of prey.”

Congress was set to cut funding for these kinds of rescue missions, but Moore briefed the House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Sub-committee on Friday and implored more support. They work from a budget under $300,000 annually and have used up to $60,000 for this occurrence alone, excluding time for the 300-plus rescuers, now working around the clock.

IFAW stated on their site:

If scientists do not have the funds to determine the cause of a mass mortality event, there could be a threat to public health without anyone knowing.

HAARP weather technology has come under much scrutiny in recent years, although it is still regarded as the stuff “tinfoil hat wearers” go crazy for. This is unfortunate. The effects of unnatural weather modification (attributed to quakes) go unheeded by most scientists even though weather patterns are often cited for causing and mass animal deaths. Animals like dolphins and birds who are sensitive to both weather changes and electromagnetic frequencies.

Just for the sake of curiosity, take a look at the HAARP locations, and then Google’s map of recorded mass animal deaths.  Could this pattern be why some have speculated that HAARP should be among the leading theories for the increase in dead birds and fish?

Possible HAARP locations around the world, Jan 8, 2011
Google’s recorded mass animal deaths as of Jan 5, 2011

With so many tragic mass animal deaths recently including fish, birds, bees, Tazmanian devils, and dolphins to name a few, it is time for researchers to take a hard honest look at how both technology and natural patterns can combine to create a devastating ecological chain reaction.

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