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Owen Myles, Contributing Writer
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Apparently I missed it the first time around in 2010, but Guns and Coffee are back. On February 14, 2012, gun-control advocates will shun Starbucks in protest of state law. You read that correctly.

Despite the right to apply policy which would prohibit open-carry in their stores, Starbucks has instead controversially chosen to permit it in accordance with state law where applicable. 

While some of us may respect Starbucks for their passive compliance, others are rather peeved and plan to hit them in the pocket this Valentine’s Day. For this reason, you might choose to show where you stand by making your own coffee on Valentine’s Day, or like me, purchasing a beverage at Starbucks with a two-dollar bill. You might go a step further and wear a Mao (or Rahm) Button while brewing your coffee, or like others, maybe a Guns and Coffee patch while purchasing one.

An explanation for the two dollar bill (Declaration of Independence?), and more info about Starbucks Appreciation Day (and Guns and Coffee) can be read at:

Here in Florida I won’t be packing much more than cash (and maybe some chocolate), but I do support the Second Amendment, and realize that we may be very close to losing it. 

While the US economy is toileted, and a growing mountain of instability looms ahead, I simply cannot entertain the notion of a benevolent protector coming to rescue me, nor my friends and family if the SHTF. There are simply not enough public-safety officers to even cope with current affairs, and with the way things are going, I dare say, maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing. Personally, I suspect that’s what FEMA-camps and the NDAA are intended for. 

I loathe the violence that guns can bring, but more so hate the violence apt to manifest when they are only available to a certain bunch. It wasn’t long ago that an era of Stalinism Ltd expunged a folk or two, and current [You Ess] policies seem startlingly similar to the framework behind it. I’m not suggesting that’s why I support the Second Amendment — I don’t need a reason for that anyway; I am suggesting that we have a very uncertain future ahead of us, yet no signs that The Powers That Be are interested in making the best of it. 

Whether you believe in evolution or not, it simply doesn’t move quickly enough to weed out such elements from society in decades, or even centuries. There are more “Stalins” out there, with blind legions to follow — and history has surely abetted quite a bushel of other tyrants, too. There are also a lot of people who wouldn’t think twice about shooting you in the face for your wallet or purse. But all that aside, there is still a Constitution, and those who seek to usurp it.

Given the choice, I may not be inclined toward open carry, but if you are, and it’s legal, I’m not telling you what to do. I think we’d all want to live in fairy-land if we could, but thankfully some of us realize the unlikeliness of such places — and things can change very quickly even in peaceful lands. Perhaps some gun-control folks have good intentions, but their faith in duplicity might be paving a certain road.

If our rights are not exercised amidst the persistent threats which stalk them, then from holster to home they will be banned. 

Humor (?):

Well thank heavens he didn’t ask for a cupcake

In the pet-friendly Starbucks locations, I wonder if in cooperation with the militarization of our society, they’ll permit these things in stores: …I might actually protest that, if I could work up enough courage.

I am unsure who originally created the Starbucks Guns and Coffee logo, but it seems may have created the patch.

An article against Guns and Coffee and a long speech by Dennis Henigan, president of the Brady Campaign, can be found here:

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