Drones Enter Corporate Media Airspace

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Michael Edwards  
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One behavior that typifies corporate media is how they can readily dismiss an issue for years that has been addressed by the alternative media, then overnight embrace it as the “new reality.”  Once the buried “conspiracy” issues become too obvious to ignore, then it is spin time.

So, too, with drones.  Local media uncovered domestic testing of drones back in 2007, and additional research revealed testing having been coordinated over American soil even further back than that. Subsequent to exposure, the drone program was quickly revealed in all if its robotic glory: from micro-drones to nano-drones that mimic nature itself.  Now, with the passage of the NDAA, we have been treated to the new U.S. battlefield and the need for all of the weapons of war to descend upon American soil, and hover in American skies.

While the outer edge of this dark technology is still not broached by corporate media outlets, a recent report on Nightline had to be rather eye opening for some who had been taught to ignore the conspiracy theories surrounding drone tech.  Perhaps now that Congress has openly called for a full drone program to be incorporated by the FAA into civilian airspace, the general public is prepared to be alerted to — then prime-timed — for “a fact of daily life” in the near future.

In Nightline’s special segment “Drones: Who is Watching You?” the focus is on micro-drones (called by the host as “tiny flying robots”) and their versatile applications for people such as real estate agents, the paparazzi, and the police.

True to form, the example shown for police (which, keep in mind, was vehemently denied for widespread use just a few years ago), is a ready-to-go, 10-pound mini-copter drone deployed out of the back of a police cruiser which is reported to have helped nab a stabbing suspect who had fled into nearby covered terrain.  

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