6 Reasons Obama’s Clean Energy Policy Is Dirty and Corrupt

Big Government energy subsidies and
regulation are a complete failure

Jerry Marsh
Activist Post

High gasoline prices are increasing Obama’s unpopularity. His energy plan will make him lose even more favor because it is detrimental to the environment and the economy.

Oil is the primary source of energy for transportation and the US imports 2.7 billion barrels a year. One of the reasons why gas prices are so high is because the US is exporting more fuel than it is importing — the fuel is sold to the highest foreign bidder. Last year, the US exported 848 million barrels of fuel while importing only 750 barrels.

The primary sources of US electricity are coal (45%), natural gas (23%), nuclear (20%), hydro power dams (7%) and renewable energy (2%). US electricity prices have risen 23% over the last 5 years.

Federal energy subsidies have increased from $17.9 billion to $37.2 billion due to Obama’s stimulus. Renewable subsidies have inflated by 186%.

Here is a short list of why Obama’s energy policy is offensive:

  1. Obama shuns drilling for oil on federal land in favor of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (remember the BP oil disaster?) and opening up the Arctic Ocean for exploration.
  2. Obama has called for $36 billion in new nuclear power loan guarantees in his push to build more plants. He considers nuke energy to be clean because it has limited carbon emissions. But what about Fukushima? And the 75% of US reactors that are leaking radiation? People should be more concerned with radioactive emissions than harmless carbon dioxide.
  3. Obama contends that algae can replace 17% of imported oil — sometimes you just have to wonder if he’s smoking crack. It will take 350 gallons of water to produce each gallon of algae oil that will guzzle farm irrigation water reserves.
  4. Obama wants to increase natural gas supplies. Natural gas is most commonly extracted through fracking and the secret chemicals that are used, via Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Loophole, may be polluting groundwater.
  5. Obama supports increased vehicle fuel efficiency that will raise the price of automobiles by $5000.
  6. Obama’s support of renewable energy is anything but ‘clean’. Recently it was discovered that $3.9 billion in taxpayer funded federal gifts through the Energy Department were bestowed on 21 companies backed by firms with connections to Obama staffers.

Meanwhile, the EPA’s stringent regulations may force half of the coal plants in the US to shut down, with no sensible alternatives. The result will be unreliable and intermittent electricity.

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