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An article posted by CBS St. Louis appears to reinforce the idea that an increasing number of people feel as though societal collapse is a very real possibility, and is not just ranting from the dark corners of the Internet.

Citing such events as the obvious worldwide political uprisings and the failing global economy, one store manager in Missouri notes:

‘I’ve had people in here that are very wealthy and they’ve spent thousands of dollars just on backpacks that they fill with survival gear, one for each person of their family,’ Dorsey said, ‘And something where they can just grab a bag and get out of Dodge.’

However, is this incredible uptick in activity just another knee-jerk response to instability like Y2K, or are we beginning to see a real indication of an underlying sea change that acknowledges the long-term value of being self-sufficient? Let’s look at what those who actually live survivalism have to say.

Jeff Gleason, “The Berkey Guy” from Directive 21, states his own observations about the sale of survival items, and some of the key changes he has seen toward the topic of preparedness:

We are definitely seeing increased trends in our sales of water purification systems, food storage, and emergency seedbanks. With all the preparedness fervor happening, we cannot dismiss people’s concerns over economies, financial markets, increased governmental intrusions and restrictions, as well as vulnerability from disruptive natural events. The numbers reflect people’s concerns, and we’re committed to helping them prepare for the worst, even as things might improve over time. We’re hoping for the best.

We have noticed a significant increase in customers bundling items from several categories together when they purchase from us. In previous years customers frequently displayed instances of impulse-buying, whereas now, customers who have been thinking and planning for some time are finally taking the plunge into methodical preparation. And these are folks from all walks of life, ethnicities, means, and opinions!

In fact, long-time preppers wish to avoid spikes in their levels of readiness, or even their level of concern. The real goal is to maintain one’s personal condition of self-sufficiency, regardless of world events or economic conditions. 

Below are some of the key articles we have compiled over this past year, which should help frame a methodical approach to the state of comfortable readiness that should be our ultimate goal for 2012 and beyond.  These articles are not listed by ranking, as we believe that all of these articles should be read equally to form one overall strategic guide for living a more independent and comfortable lifestyle.

Getting Prepared Month-by-Month
Gaye Levy

This brilliant series of articles is one of the very few that perfectly illustrates the methodical approach to full-spectrum preparation.  Gaye has laid out a strategic way to build supplies month by month, rather than the shotgun approach many people take by buying in bulk merely when the mood strikes them.  Through a series of checklists and tasks, the first three months have been laid out and will get you well on your way toward a lifestyle that incorporates thoughtful preparation for any scenario.

Readiness Training: 8 Essential Survivalist Skills to Survive Any Disaster
Andre Evans

Beginning with water concerns and ending with perhaps the most important skill of all — relationship building — this article is a wonderful primer for evaluating your current level of preparedness. Sound tips to develop skills and protect your finances are peppered throughout to help get you started along the path to true independence.

The Poor Man’s Guide to Survival Gear
Brandon Smith

In order to build your survival gear cache, it helps to be an authority in economics.  Most of us are not, but Brandon Smith from Alt-Market has combined his knowledge of economic planning with sound advice based on his expertise in survivalism to offer a truly comprehensive article about the best way to buy the best products even during our current economic depression.  From the Bug-Out-Bag to weapons to electricity, communications, food and water — it’s all here.

Introduction to Emergency Survival Shelters

The thought of being caught in a natural or man-made disaster leads most people to crippling anxiety.  This is due primarily to a lack of the most basic survival skills of all — how to maintain composure, survey the situation and shelter yourself, regroup, and organize a plan for escape.  SnoMan’s own website — Survival News Online — is a key resource for hardcore survival techniques and product information.  In this first article, he presents sound strategies that can help even a novice prepare for the ultimate worst-case scenario. 

Starting a Fire — An Essential Survival Skill
George Ure and Gaye Levy

The mastery of this fundamental skill is what brought modern man to the next phase of evolution.  That’s how essential it is. And, yet, in today’s modern world, very few people have retained fire-making ability.

This article will show a variety of ways that offer basic protection against many of threats we have been warned about — EMP’s and solar flares to name just the two greatest — but also give you the ability to reduce your day-to-day electric costs.

10 Things to Do to Survive 2012
Activist Post

In this article we offer the steps that can be taken to prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for what is set to be another year of economic difficulty, and perhaps complete collapse of financial and social structures.  Rather than fear these scenarios, we must accept the reality of the conditions we currently face and empower ourselves to meet these challenges.  We believe that we have provided an essential guide toward doing just that.  2012 does not have to be anything to fear, rather prosperity awaits for those who can properly analyze the landscape and seek new opportunities and alliances. 

Survival when your world comes crashing down…
The Berkey Guy

This article is an unflinching look at the very personal issues we normally dare not combine with everyday survival preparation.  Perhaps we should.  The best form of survivalism is a balance between mental and physical concern.  Sometimes life will cast our way unpredictable emotional events that can threaten our mental survival just the same as unpredictable physical disasters challenge our physical survival.  In order to declare oneself a true survivalist, then, there must be balance in all areas.  The Berkey Guy details key ways that we can cope when our emotions threaten to undermine our ultimate goals of harmonious and independent living.

Unemployed: Stop Searching for a Job, Learn to Forage and Produce
Howard Beale

Survival is not only about what kind of equipment you can afford to buy, or having mastery over every skill that enables you to live under Stone Age conditions.  Sometimes our best equipment is between our ears.  An important mental shift needs to take place if we can call ourselves true survivalists, and that is the fortitude to say that I have all I need, as well as the skills to produce something of worth.  Whether it is starting a blog, offering a much-needed service, or just being wily and scrappy enough to obtain what you need in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, this article is a call to eliminate dependent thinking and to make a commitment to yourself that you are your own best advocate and can do anything you set your mind to without the need to beg — even for a job.

How To Find a Bunker If Doomsday Is on the Way
Activist Post

For the more cataclysm-minded, the purchase of a bunker can be a very real consideration when all else fails — if you have the money.  Doomsday bunker sales have increased in every price range, so we have compiled the most popular choices available in both family and community living environments.  Whether your budget is $10,000, or many millions, we offer you the specific details and products that will put you well on your way to surviving doomsday.

We welcome you to provide links to your own choices for essential articles about survival.  Please use the comment section below to help others see that 2012 has the potential to be the best year yet — if we are ready for it.

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