Supreme Court Sides with Livestock Concentration Camps Over State Law

Humane Society image of sick cattle being moved
to slaughter for school lunch programs,

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Once again the Supreme Court sides with corporate interests and federal law over state law in a recent case involving the livestock industry.  A California state law mandating the “humane treatment” of livestock sold for human consumption was overturned unanimously on Monday, as reported by CNN.

At issue was not how animals heading to the slaughterhouse should be treated, but rather who has the authority to determine such regulations.  The Court ruled that federal regulators have the jurisdiction, concluding that the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA), which regulates slaughterhouses, preempts any state law.

CNN reports, “That law (FMIA) expressly prohibits any state regulation ‘in addition to or different from’ the federal requirements.”  The Supreme Court also claimed that since the meat was being sold across state lines, and interstate commerce falls under federal jurisdiction, state laws are nullified.

The California Penal Code 599f. that was overturned was originally put in place because animal rights activists released a video exposing disturbing cruelty at concentration-camp style livestock operations that showed grotesquely ill cows being shocked, water hosed, and even bulldozed into slaughter pens because they were too weak to move.

Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society, credited with the undercover video that shocked state law makers into enacting Penal Code 599f, said, “This is a deeply troubling decision, preventing a wide range of actions by the states to protect animals and consumers from reckless practices by the meat industry, including the mishandling and slaughter of animals too sick or injured to walk.”

Since state regulations are nullified, and federal regulators give leeway to such behavior and are backed by the courts, disease-infested, GMO-corn fed, antibiotic-riddled animals will continue to end up on dinner plates with little hope for changing the treatment and health of animals meant for food.

What’s worse, since many more undercover videos have surfaced showing animal cruelty and unsanitary living conditions for livestock, some states are proposing making it a felony to expose these conditions to the public. You could even be branded a terrorist for fighting animal cruelty.  Apparently the factory food lobby will continue to dominate and push for the ability to produce unhealthy, inhumane practices.

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