Pulitzer Winner’s 96-second NDAA Cartoon

Carl Herman, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

2010 Pulitzer-winner Mark Fiore‘s 96-second animated cartoon highlights the removal of Constitutional Civil Rights. When “rights” are no longer absolute, they are no longer rights. This changes the definition of the US from defending unalienable rights and limited government under a Constitution, to having control over what liberties people receive and unlimited government and no restraining law, at least in these areas of the Bill of Rights.

Here’s how this has progressed since 2006:

The background of NDAA extends into the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA), which “legalized” Executive Branch declaration of, again, “any person” of being in a legal category without Constitutional or Geneva Convention Rights: an  unlawful enemy combatant. The Bush Administration applied this to American citizens, and the Obama Administration extends power to assassinate American citizens upon Executive Branch diktat of “unlawful enemy.” 

Mark’s cartoon also addresses torture. The US is bound by Constitutional Law, Federal Law, and four treaties to never torture. As you know, both Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney publicly admit to authorizing waterboarding/controlled drowning. All US case law found this practice to be torture; in fact, the US executed Japanese officials for authorizing its use upon US WW2 military.

As you also know, when US case law is unanimous in its legal decision, then the current legal status of waterboarding/drowning is defined as torture. If Mr. Bush and Cheney want to argue otherwise, the legal venue to do so is in criminal court, not a book tour.

Mr. Obama and his Justice Department refuse to prosecute this “emperor has no clothes” obvious violation of law, and move further from limited government under law to assassinate Americans upon the dictate of the leader (der fuhrer in German).  

Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher in economics, government, and history. His hobby is research, education, and lobbying for improved public policy. A principal project of his 30-years’ experience working with US “leadership” in government, economics and corporate media was to grow the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, that led to two UN Summits (1990 World Summit for Children  – the largest meeting of heads of state in world history – and the 1997 Microcredit Summit – topic of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize). Because US political leadership of both parties reneged on each and every public and private promise to end poverty, and US corporate media behaved as their political propagandists, Carl shifted his hobby to “follow the money.” His conclusions are explained and documented in these two articles (academic/professional voice, and more passionate citizen voice):

Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, parasitic economics
Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts

He can be reached at Carl_Herman@post.harvard.edu

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