Americans Still Have the Power to Save America

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

While mainstream economic reports continue their attempt to rally spirits with selective statistics about the decrease in unemployment, major companies are still laying off huge numbers, have frozen hiring altogether, or are now simply bankrupt and out of business.

However, most often it is the race to the bottom spurred by corporate globalization (outsourcing) that has eroded America’s prosperity.

Faced with this reality, even ABC News showed how a typical American family could in fact meet all of their needs with only American-made products. So, how many American-made companies are there?

“Too many to count.”

Surprisingly, little tweaks in buying habits really can save the jobs of our fellow men and women. It is good news, because it shows that no matter how hopeless the job situation gets, some degree of recovery is possible with positive action. Just like the human body, some positive changes can lead to a recovery that is quicker than the time it took to develop ill health.

But is it to late?

It is never to late to support innovation! The upside of the recession/depression is the entrepreneurial fever that has swept America in the last decade.

Many small, independent businesses based from home and on the Internet have bypassed the typical red tape and overhead (thereby keeping things affordable). Supporting them, as well as American manufacturers, keeps things afloat and could create jobs.

Moreover, it may simply push companies and consumers in a different direction. Instead of large infrastructures with many middle men that eventually become outsourced, the near-future economy could be rife with alternative markets, micro businesses, and no-nonsense innovation.

Unfortunately, the corporate media is only now reporting information that would have been beneficial all along. But, luckily, many of you have adhered to the USA-made buying diet. Is it difficult and expensive? No, it just takes a little research; the same amount of research most people devote to other important purchases.

To simplify your USA-made pursuit, here is a site that showcases only American-made products: How Americans Can Buy American.  This company provides an aggregate of tons of American manufacturers, saving lots of time in research.

To find out about manufacturing in your state and manufacturing strides and issues, visit Alliance for American Manufacturing.

The companies are there; Americans simply need to tune in to the right channel and support the companies who in turn support them, while boycotting those that don’t.

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