Is COINTELPRO Effort Underway to Sabotage Ron Paul in Iowa?

Kurt Nimmo

As should be obvious by now, the establishment will do almost anything to make sure Ron Paul does not win the Iowa caucus tomorrow. It will sabotage his campaign if that’s what it takes to make sure he does not win.

On December 29, the Occupy Des Moines or the Occupy the Caucus group traveled to Ron Paul’s Ankeny, Iowa, campaign office and staged an “impromptu demonstration.” A dozen or so protesters chanted anti-Paul slogans and blocked the door of the office. Five of them were arrested after the police ordered them to disperse.

Clarke Davidson and Occupy Des Moines members are arrested.
On December 31, The End Run website noted that one of the arrested, Clarke Davidson, has an interesting background. In addition to claiming to be a Ron Paul precinct captain, Clarke is the person who uploaded a video to YouTube purportedly from the shadowy hacktivist group Anonymous calling for a shut down of the Iowa caucus.

“In case you haven’t heard, this ‘threat’ video is now being used in conjunction with these ‘Occupy’ protests (which have targeted other candidates this week as well) as a pretext to move the vote counting in Iowa to a secret location,” explains the website.

Oddly, although Davidson now disagrees with Paul – despite claiming to be a precinct captain for his campaign – he was holding an End the Fed placard when he was arrested. Ron Paul, of course, wrote the book on the End the Fed movement.

The threat to shut down the caucus has given the establishment the perfect excuse it needs to count the vote at a secret location and make sure Ron Paul loses. It also provides a pretext to get the FBI and the Iowa Intelligence Fusion Center involved. Iowa RINOs are “assessing security procedures” and “crafting a new, more error-proof system for the roughly 800 Republican caucus sites to report their results to party headquarters.”

The End Run has posted a detailed timeline covering the suspicious activities of Clarke Davidson, who fits the profile of a governmental intelligence operative to the letter. His behavior has all the hallmarks of COINTELPRTO activity.

Vote manipulation and rigging in the United States is epidemic, as Black Box Voting has documented, so it should come as no surprise that the establishment would attempt to skew the caucus in order to downgrade Ron Paul and damage his effort win the presidency and work to finally return the United States to its constitutional republic roots.

It now appears our rulers will engineer the result they desire – Romney in the lead with Santorum second – and they have the police state apparatus in place to micromanage the effort under the guise of hacktivist and Occupy terrorism threats.

If elements of the Occupy movement and Anonymous are not intelligence operations, then they are nothing less than useful idiots who will allow the state to once again determine the outcome of an important election.

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