Inside The Media Assault Against Ron Paul and Independent Liberty

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Anthony Gucciardi

Corporate media talking heads simply cannot admit that the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, along with the inexorable momentum of the liberty movement as a whole, has now soared high enough to shatter the false political paradigm — even crushing opponents in a wide array of corporate-backed polling results.

Of course so-called ‘conservatives’ cannot talk about the success of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign on air, and it’s steadily becoming impossible to use their favorite tactic from the 2008 elections: pretend it doesn’t exist.

Whether you are a radio insider, or the average listener, it is easy to see that a great deal of deception goes into formulating the best way to present the Ron Paul campaign to ignorant radio listeners that are not fully aware of the truth surrounding the campaign and the liberty movement as a whole. Instead of speaking the truth, or even slightly discussing the success of the Ron Paul campaign, it seems that a virtually unanimous decision has been made among mainstream reporters. Mainstream ‘conservatives’ are now rallying their steadily-declining listener base to vote for the best chance of ‘winning’, not the best candidate.

Fake Conservatives Urge Listeners to Abandon Morals, Vote for ‘Best Chance’

It is easy to hear this rhetoric from the majority — if not all — phony conservative talk show hosts. Whether they’re sounding the alarm to donate and support Romney for the ‘best chance to win and take the House’, or discussing the ‘experience to win’ that Gingrich has, they’re ordering listeners to throw what’s right to the wind and continue the current left/right paradigm charade for another 4 years. Of course this will simply lead to more of the same, a new face and the same anti-constitutional policies that we have seen for countless years.

Nonetheless, these fraudulent conservative preachers cling to the concept of getting a republican in the White House over anything else. It could be Adolf Hitler, but as long as he’s running as a mainstream Republican with a ‘good chance’ of winning, powerhouse ‘conservative’ figureheads will say it is the nation’s only chance What the talking heads fail to tell you is the fact that Ron Paul has the best chance of winning the 2012 elections.

If these talking heads were into telling the truth, they would tell you that Ron Paul is achieving major success throughout a number of powerful mediums including social media and networking — the purest form of news and communication. Within social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, which are absent of political overlords, Ron Paul is seeing the most growth of any political candidate.

In fact, Ron Paul has grown in his number of followers by 30.05% on Twitter in the month of December alone, while Gingrich improved by only 1.79%. In a medium where the dissemination of truthful information is prevalent, Ron Paul simply comes out on top.

Despite the massive smear campaigns and media deception, the most intriguing factor in the war against Ron Paul and independent liberty is the call to disregard morals, conscience, and intellectual integrity. Even if Ron Paul was not crushing opponents in mainstream polls and online presence, it does not mean that voters should send their support over to the ‘best chance’ regardless of their policies or intentions. 

The entire mindset of ‘best chance’ voting displays how backwards the moral compass of the nation truly is, where simply ‘winning’ — regardless of repercussions or consequence — trumps any form of moral or ethical considerations.

Anthony Gucciardi is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s many articles on wellness and vaccine safety information can be found by visiting his site NaturalSociety.

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