Forced Sterilization Victims Granted $50,000 Over Admitted US ‘Eugenics’ Program

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

This is no conspiracy theory — North Carolina officials are proposing that victims of forced sterilization programs be given $50,000 each in compensation, with the Associated Press admitting that the sterilization campaign was part of a “once-common public health practice called eugenics.”

Victims include thousands of individuals, such as criminals, mentally disabled, and women who were sterilized after giving birth to children as a product of rape.

The forced sterilizations occurred from 1929 to 1974 under admitted eugenics programs that officials claimed were ‘creating a better society’ by removing the reproductive abilities of criminals and those suffering from mental disorders. During this time periods, more than 7,600 individuals in North Carolina were sterilized. On a national scale, around 60,000 were forcibly sterilized under the same eugenics program.

Eugenics Program Linked to Nazi Germany, Targeted Mostly Black Women

What makes North Carolina’s rampant sterilizations so concerning, however, is that the program kept going on right through World War II despite the direct association between eugenics and Nazi Germany.

In fact, about 70% of all North Carolina’s sterilizations were performed after the war, with numbers peaking in the 1950s. Again, this is not something being made up; this is all reported by the Associated Press and other mainstream media outlets. According to the Associated Press report:

North Carolina’s program stood out because it ramped up sterilizations after World War II despite associations between eugenics and Nazi Germany.

The report also states within the first sentence that the practicing of eugenics was quite common during this time period:

People sterilized against their will under a discredited North Carolina state program should each be paid $50,000, a task force voted Tuesday, marking the first time a state has moved to compensate victims of a once-common public health practice called eugenics.

Perhaps the most criminal part of the forced sterilizations is the blatant racism involved. Most victims were poor, black women who were ‘deemed unfit to be parents’. Individuals as young as 10 were sterilized simply for not getting along with schoolmates or being promiscuous, and many parents were misled into sterilizing their children.

All of this happened in the United States, where government officials operated under a strict eugenics policy, seeing many people as ‘unfit’ to procreate. After this racist, Nazi-styled fertility purge, the victims may not receive a measly $50,000 decades after the fact.

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