The Week That Changed America

Zen Gardner
Before It’s News

It’s not like no one saw this coming. People have been screaming for decades about the constant erosion of freedoms in the United Police States. But this takes the cake.

Just this past week we’ve seen martial law virtually declared, while also authorizing the military to wage internet warfare at will. Then the proposed internet “copyright bill” ready to shut down anyone is now on the table.

Take me home, why don’t you. This is ridiculous.

Those first two together spell the end of freedom, both personal and of expression, with the military being given a completely free hand to sabotage whom they will. It’s just a matter of time before they mesh the two.

The last, so called “copyright” issues, is just the finishing touches. Probably finalized before their “break”.

Merry Christmas, America. 

Nice week, boys. But what’s the hurry?

You getting nervous the people are waking up? You have something else up your wicked sleeves to further suppress mankind and move your agenda along you just can’t wait to get to? We’re watching, and we’re not stupid. Just because you have succeeded in medicating the mushminded masses doesn’t mean you’ve won.

Only 5% of Americans were for breaking ties with the Crown in 1760, and the revolutionary war still succeeded.

Besides, just one human voice with the Truth is a majority. Grok that. And hey, we are many.

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Anyone with any intelligence sees what’s happening. What’s dumbfounding to me is the speed and brashness of this latest run on freedom by our bought-for whores in Congress and the Whitewash House. They’ve pulled out the stops as if someone upstairs in their illuminist agenda said, “Step on it!”

It’s clearly designed, and the lower level perpetrators have obviously been promised sanctuary in the New World Order to come. Otherwise, if they believed in the inherent freedoms promised in the US Constitution, however tentative, they would have stood up for them. Instead they’ve opted to jump ship to the next phase of global control.

Therein is the key. Disgusting sell-out, self-serving bastards.

And ‘we the people’ are paying the price for their treachery.

Wake Up!

The FEMA internment camps are literally being staffed, the government has full power to not just detain, but incarcerate you on a whim, and they’re busy confiscating everything you own and shutting down the internet.  Might be a reason to get alarmed, angry and upset?


No wonder, in a dumbed down world of deliberate ignorance–ignore-ance, not lack of information, a decision to ignore certain realities for whatever reason.

So for immediate expediency, as in the willingly-dumbed-down-for-their-next-hamburger world, the public has chosen the Reich.  And then the self-serving hypno-entranced public claim “they made me do it!”

Life will give you back what you deliver. The Universe empowers the conscious. It’s available to all. The rest of the mechanisms are at ground level. Stay there and be hamburger. It’s your choice.

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