Soldiers, Sheep, SMS Walls & Google Censorship

Owen Myles, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

On November 17th, 2011, after finding an article in which was embedded a censored Youtube video of US soldiers using an aluminum bat to beat a sheep to death, I decided to edit and restore it.[1]

The first attempted upload failed when Youtube recognized the video and immediately rejected it. To get around this, I padded the video with a brief introduction, modified the audio track, and uploaded successfully. Surprisingly, it endured for nearly a month; in the first week it was flagged and made inaccessible to those not signed in to Youtube, and not until early last week was it removed altogether – along with my entire Youtube account a few days later. The termination notice reads: “This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.” I never received a warning, nor does the description fit the circumstances; truth is not “deceptive content”! And what fiend would dare copyright crime? Images can be see below, but this article is motivated by something else.

Despite the obvious foolishness of it, I use gmail. Also, to help optimize the indexing of my website, I use google-webmaster. All three of these accounts — including Youtube — are the same Google user ID. Attempting to login to gmail yesterday, I encountered the now familiar and annoying SMS wall, but unlike what you may be thinking — where Google’s effort to obtain users’ cellphone numbers can typically be ignored by simply re-routing yourself back to gmail — I could not do so, and still can’t. All three accounts are now blocked by an unbreachable SMS verification wall which states that for my security, my identity must be verified via a phone.

Not having a cellphone, it is impossible to comply with the first option; however, they do peculiarly state that I may use a friend’s instead.[2] The secondary option offers to provide a “verification code” through a “Voice Call”, which at least doesn’t require the futile effort of sending a text message to a home phone. Apparently, criminals don’t use phones — but they do reveal their IP addresses — which is Google’s express excuse for demanding the phone confirmation.[3] There are several oddities here, and I’ll begin with Google’s excuse for the SMS/phone wall. They claim that because I am accessing my account from a “new location”, a “quick verification” is necessary. But I have been using the same IP for two weeks with several other accounts, including the now blocked EccentricIntelligenceAgency@gmail.

To test the validity of their claim, I did the following:

Opened a browser, typed, logged into my router, and changed its MAC address. I then reset it, and soon after, the modem assigned it a new IP address. To verify that Google was truly concerned with my accounts being accessed from varying IPs, I then held my breath and proceeded to login to my other gmail accounts which I access daily. Strangely, I accessed them all without any trouble. Going a step further, I signed up for a few new gmail accounts, and noted that they did not force SMS verification for completion. Since then, more than 24 hours has expired and the account remains blocked, leading me to doubt things like temporary security (lock out) measures.

Exactly why this has occurred is known only by Google and those who may (or may not) have influenced their decisions. I do know, that shortly before the (sheep) video was removed, I had some military visits on my website in conjunction with a specific comment on my Youtube channel. An image of the log can be seen below.

I have speculated on possibilities ranging from Pentagon-influenced takedowns, to slimy attempts to obtain a phone ID by which I might be included into a surveillance system. I remain suspicious. Anyone aware of government’s efforts to intrude upon the US citizenry — markedly activists, bloggers, journalists, and unconventional thinkers — wouldn’t sneeze at such possibilities. Anyone familiar with S. 1867 (NDAA) would likely assume as much, or worse.

What is known by many other than myself is that the Pentagon, CIA, and other appendages of the Industrial Psycho Complex are very busy; they have purchased journalists (perhaps even entire networks); they are extremely hostile to transparency; and they are all pretty close friends with Google, who maintain secret relations with the NSA and DoD, and have exceedingly tender sentiments for law enforcement and other authorities. Further consider their offerings of free phone (VOIP) services in the same year IDENT and IAFIS is due to metamorphose into NGI. Does Google want your voice biometrics too?

Google has become a tremendous global force, founded on slogans such as “Don’t be evil” and formerly excellent search results. However, when an independent citizen attempts to confront “evil” — like the mother of Grendel they fiercely protect it. Their actions described in this article highlight some important considerations. While I did go farther than the average Gooogle-user by uploading controversial content previously censored by Google, the information was legitimate, and important in understanding the darker sides of trillion dollar military budgets and dubious occupations. We can rent war movies on Youtube and watch all varieties of horrid things, but the truth is forbidden — all in a time when ignorance is more fatal than ever before.

I have three accounts associated with the specific user ID now blocked — accounts which I have developed dependencies on. While I could easily cower and comply by phone, I prefer to instead use this opportunity to inform others of what Google really stands for, and to alert them of the dangers in developing reliance upon something so fickle and treacherous. Many people site as good will, Google’s refusal to comply with law enforcement requests to censor videos of police-brutality, and their “transparency report” which displays the number of requests for user-information by law enforcement. But too few ever pause to consider how many requests go undisplayed due to “extremism” or “terrorism” as pretext for such requests — such cases that would surely remain secret.

Youtube has essentially monopolized the free video arena. Alternatives are now necessary for unhindered distribution of information and media. Please recognize this, and forbid the flow of vital information and self expression from capitulating to corporate/military forces. The mind is our last frontier; it is a frontier which is contested by invaders, and one which we must either defend or surrender.[4] If you think you’re getting the whole picture, think again; you’re not even close. Censorship is the ultimate cloaca of corruption.


2. “If you don’t have a phone, you can use a friend’s number to request the code via text message or voice call. You don’t have to worry about your friend’s number being attached to your account. Google won’t use this number for anything else besides account verification.” –

3. “You’re signing in to your account from a new location. Just so we know this is you — and not someone trying to hijack your account — please complete this quick verification.” – Have a look HERE

4. The DHS has successfully ordered a Youtube takedown of a video covering FAST — an invasive mind-scanning (pre-crime) initiative by the DHS which they seek to impose upon the very hands that feed their ravenous carcasses. What right does the DHS have to copyright? Wake up folks. Wake up quickly.

Owen Myles edits the Eccentric Intelligence Agency: Helping the Ouroboros finish itself.

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