Police State Mercenaries Ruin More Lives than They Protect

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J.G. Vibes
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I like to think of myself as a pleasant and easy going person, but I just couldn’t help from being overcome with rage and disgust as I sat in my grimy holding cell this past Friday. The legal fees, the hassles, the boredom and the fact that I probably just lost my job definitely had me upset, but it was just the blatant corruption of the situation that I found to be absolutely sickening. The sheer arrogance and hubris exhorted by the mercenaries that were holding me and several others hostage. This language might be a bit strong for some, but I feel that I’m describing the situation quite accurately.

There were no rapists, murderers or even really any thieves coming through the jail, but rather it was a slew of nonviolent offenders who were either easy going or just so broken down that they didn’t pose a threat to anyone anyway. Really the only violent or threatening people that I came across were the ones who were pretending to be “the good guys”. I’m very familiar with this kind of irrationality and I have experienced it more times than I would care to remember, but seeing it right in front of you, being subject to this kind of environment with no distractions and nowhere else to look you tend to gain a deeper understanding for these kind of situations.

I really used to think that most of these cops honestly believed they were doing the right thing, even though they obviously behave immorally on a daily basis. I gotta say though, the more I come into contact with these people the more I realize that they understand that this whole thing is a racket just as much as you and I do. Usually I get the old “just doin my job” line that is beyond cowardly and in many ways is a sign of admitting guilt. This is certainly a corrupt and immoral way of going through life, as many Nazi soldiers learned during the Nuremberg trials. Unfortunately it seems our species is really bad at learning from history so we are allowing the same sort of corruption to breed here in modern day America.

On this past occasion I was kidnapped and held hostage by a mercenary who seemed to go back and forth between acting like he had the moral high ground and playing the bully. After ripping me out of the car and conducting an illegal search that I did no consent to, the mercenary informed me that he could do whatever he wanted, and people had to follow his orders no matter what he said. As my jaw was on floor (I shouldn’t have been surprised really) he then proceeded to tell me that this was his “favorite thing about the job!”. Now I know activists have been calling out this kind of attitude for ages, but being in the midst of this situation gave me a whole new perspective on the police state that we have currently found ourselves in.

I promise you I have a point here, I’m really not trying to bore anyone with the details of my arrest, but the things I encountered shed some new light on this area of research for me that I would like to share. The propaganda that the police are “the good guys” here to “serve and protect” is the big lie that cloaks the violence and corruption of the state in an air of legitimacy. The first step to removing this false legitimacy and revealing the truth is to simply stop sugarcoating this violence in newspeak and stop pretending that the state actually does anything to prevent violent crime.

There’s a lot of ideas and concepts in that last sentence, so let’s delve deeper for a better understanding. As I eluded to earlier, a cold hard violent criminal is hard to come by in most holding cells and most county jails. This is because most people are naturally good and typically are not drawn to lives of violence until they are broken down and corrupted by years of moving through the system being treated like an animal. Another reason why there aren’t a whole lot of violent offenders in prison is because it’s a lot of hard work to catch them!! Cops get paid the same for locking up a pothead as they do for locking up a serial rapist, as long as there is a warm body in the cell then Dudley Do-Right makes his quota. So it really makes sense that most cops go into work hoping for a good “easy” day where they don’t get shot at. They are not these super human people that wake up in the morning and think about nothing else but trying to make the world a better place, although many of them may have convinced themselves of this much. Just like the rest of us, most cops take the easy way out in their day to day, which basically means letting thieves, murderers and rapists roam free while chasing around nonviolent offenders all day because they are easier to deal with and they pay the same.

Now onto the newspeak, which is one of the most fundamental propaganda tactics used to defend this growing police state. Luckily, this is one aspect that we do have a great deal of personal control over because instead of using the same deceptive language that police use to describe their actions, we can simply “call it like we see it”. Soft sounding words like “detainment”, ”arrest” and “police officer” subtly change our perception of the actions taken out against us. Police are people who are paid money to go around with weapons and force people to submit to the arbitrary edicts of a central government, so rightfully we should call these people mercenaries, instead of police, because that’s what they are. Furthermore, when someone takes you from your home, or any other place that you want to be, they are kidnapping you and holding you hostage. Is this not exactly what happens when one of these mercenaries puts a nonviolent offender in a cage? Again, all these “legal fees” and “fines” are forms of extortion that are dressed up in pretty language to disguise the corrupt nature of what’s actually taking place.

These mercenaries ruin many more lives than they save, and if you don’t believe that then try calling the cops when you look out your front window one morning and see someone breaking into your car. I guarantee you they will take over an hour to get there, but try smoking a joint on your front porch, and I guarantee you’ll have a swat team on your front lawn before you finish smoking it.

J.G. Vibes – is an author, and artist – with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his website – Good Vibes Promotions hosts electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his forthcoming book Alchemy Of the Modern Renaissance, at his Facebook page.

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