G. Edward Griffin: A Realistic Scenario

This is the twenty-sixth and final installment in a series of chapter summaries from G. Edward Griffin’s must-read book The Creature From Jekyll Island.  This book may be the most important “red pill” available and we highly recommend that you read the full book.  Buy it today at RealityZone.

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G. Edward Griffin
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So where is the optimistic scenario in which everything turns out all right, in which prosperity is restored and freedom is preserved after all? . . . There is no optimistic scenario.  Events have progressed too far for that.  Even if we begin to turn things around by forcing Congress to cut spending, reduce the debt, and disentangle from UN treaties, the Cabal will not let go without a ferocious fight.

We have finally come to the end of this book.  It was not a textbook on banking theory.  It was who-dunnit, and by now you know the answer. We have covered a vast expanse of history and have wandered far afield from our main topic.  It was necessary. Without the larger view, the case against the Federal Reserve System would have been weak.  It would have omitted the elements of war, revolution, depression, and fraud.  Without that long journey, we would be limited to a sterile discussion of interest rates, discount policies, and reserve ratios.

That is not where the body is hidden.

In the foreword, it was stated that there were seven reasons to abolish the Federal Reserve System.  It is time to repeat them:

  • It is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.
  • It is a cartel operating against the public interest.  
  • It is the supreme instrument of usury.
  • It generates our most unfair tax.
  • It encourages war.
  • It destabilizes the economy.
  • It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

The purpose of this book has been to demonstrate the accuracy of those assertions.

A plan for recovery was finally presented which involves sixteen steps, each based upon lessons which emerged from history.  These lessons were mingled with a large amount of theory which is traceable only to the mind of the author himself.  Which is to say there is no guarantee the plan will work.  But it is a plan.  It is better to fail trying than to do nothing.  Like men on a sinking ship, we must risk the water.  We cannot stay where we are.

There undoubtedly are technical flaws in these proposals, for the mechanism is merely a prototype.  Someone surely will discover a gear that will not mesh or a lever that is disconnected.  It will need the additional work of specialists in many diverse fields.  Even then, the job will not be complete, for it must finally be handed over to those who are skilled in drafting legislation.  Their task will be two-fold.  First, they must make it workable in the real world of politics.  Secondly, they must prevent loopholes and vagaries which could eventually subvert the plan. 

But none of these considerations should deter us from beginning the process.  We may not have answers to all the technical questions, but we do have an answer to the big question.  We do know that the Federal Reserve System must be abolished.  Let us, therefore, begin.

The Creature has grown large and powerful since its conception on Jekyll Island.  It now roams across every continent and compels the masses to serve it, feed it, obey it, worship it.  If it is not slain, it will become our eternal lord and master.

Can it be slain? Yes it can.

How will it be slain? By piercing it with a million lances of truth.

Who will slay it?  A million crusaders with determination and courage.

The crusade has already begun.

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