The Fine Line between Fear and Realism

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The alternative media often points out the fear mongering and propaganda by the establishment. Yet, often times, the truth behind the curtain of propaganda can be far more frightening than the story intentionally seeking to scare us.

For example, the modern truth movement is spearheaded by 9/11 investigators who have exposed that there’s simply no way it happened as televised. As if 19 Muslims with box cutters killing over three thousand people wasn’t scary enough, the evidence that the sophisticated attack was perpetrated by shadowy forces in the highest levels of the U.S. corporate government is infinitely more terrifying.

Because if 9/11 was indeed an inside job of some sort, it means that our entire paradigm is, and probably always has been, built on one big lie after another. It also means that the group who really pulled it off in front of the entire world is far more powerful, pervasive, ruthless, cunning, and technologically advanced than any of us knew.

Then, when you realize that the entire economy is also a complete scam designed to enslave the planet to the money printers, feelings of fear and powerlessness can sometimes be overwhelming. Yet, at the same time, possessing this knowledge is much more empowering than living in ignorance.

Those in the alternative media recognize that fear is used as a weapon against the truth. However, it’s clear that average people find the truth so scary that they’d prefer to live in blissful ignorance. In turn, many have accused the alternative media of selling fear or “pessimism porn” simply for exposing unsettling truths.

Yes, war is legitimately scary – especially manufactured wars. Yes, deliberate poisoning of food, water, air, vaccines and other medicine is scary. Yes, pending economic collapse (whether they pull the plug or we force the change) is scary. Yes, our every move being tracked, traced, and databased by a malevolent government is scary. Yes, losing our rights and potentially being detained, tortured or even killed for our beliefs is frightening.

But not exposing them to as many people as possible is even scarier, because then there is literally no hope that this evil will cease. The metaphor often used is that if we see a deadly storm approaching, it’s our instinct not just to prepare ourselves, but to also warn and save as many people as we can. In other words, we’re not causing a false fear; we’re warning of a very real and devastating storm.

That’s the key difference between the fear junkies in the establishment and the alternative media. The establishment promotes false fears to implement devastating consequences. Ask yourself: Who wants war? Who approves and promotes poisons? Who gains from economic crises? Who is afraid of individual freedom?

While it’s true that the alternative media uses fear to jolt the sleeping audience awake to the depth of humanity’s circumstances, it also seeks to light the path out of the rabbit hole. At times it can seem counterproductive as “fear itself” seems to be the enemy of the ultimate truth – that love can defeat anything.

However, if we in the alternative media cross the fine line of spreading fear to achieve the goals of delivering honest knowledge, peace, freedom, and justice to the world, then so be it. Humanity must be warned before the storm engulfs us all.

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