Female Pop Artists Get Huge Flak But Also Support For Endorsing Paul

Heather Callaghan
The night before last, Kelly Clarkson, first “American Idol” alum, expressed her admiration for Presidential candidate Ron Paul, via Facebook, Twitter, and Whosay.
“I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance. If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in 2012 he’s got my vote. Too bad he probably won’t.”
Of her nearly one million Twitter followers, she immediately received flak and accusations of racism and homophobia.

Either much of the masses bought the Ron Paul racist smear tactics, or perhaps trolls are slinging stones. Either way, supposed fans have left degrading and derogatory remarks aimed at Clarkson, and then at singer Michelle Branch who tweeted to encourage Kelly with an “@kelly_clarkson: I wholeheartedly agree. #RonPaul”
Later, Clarkson wrote, “I am really sorry if I have offended anyone. Obviously that was not my intent. I do not support racism. I support gay rights, straight rights, women’s rights, men’s rights, white-black-purple-orange rights. I like Ron Paul because he believes in less government and letting the people (all of us) make the decisions and mold our country. That is all. Out of all of the Republican nominees, he’s my favorite.”

Michelle posted a similar response to her batch of negative fan comments: “Hmm. Didn’t mean to offend. I am not racist and am absolutely not a homophobe. Just trying to weed through the non-impressive choices!” To one commenter, she responded: “it’s my understanding that Ron Paul is not a homophobe, but more importantly, I certainly am not.”
Clarkson thought the comments were “demeaning and rude.” December 29th, she wrote: “Man my eyes have been opened to so much hate tonight. If y’all ever disagree with something I say please don’t feel the need to attack me. I will listen to what you say and any articles or viewpoints you have when you say it with respect. Being hateful is not a healthy way to get people to see or hear you. I was raised to respect people and their decisions and beliefs and I hope you will grant me the same decency. If you don’t agree with me simply unfollow me. It’s really that easy. I hope you don’t because I would love the chance to hear what you have to say but if you’re so blinded by hate you can’t seek peace and progress then that is your unfortunate prerogative.”
Since the news of their endorsements broke, Paul supporters have showed their love and support for Clarkson’s view and will most likely follow suit with Branch who enjoyed some big pop hits throughout the 2000s. Branch is a self-described singer/songwriter, mother [and] backyard chicken farmer among other things.
Clarkson’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are now swelling with Ron Paul supporters cheering her on in comment replies and likes.
Her new album “Stronger” went from #41 up to #29 in Amazon’s bestseller’s list – in one day! No doubt, much of that can be attributed to her talent. But wait, check out the Amazon reviews – Ron Paul supporters lend encouragement there too.
As Ron Paul soars through polls, more and more celebrities speak up. Any alleged reports of racism and more haven’t actually hurt Paul’s popularity.
According to huliq.com:
Ron Paul’s celebrity endorsements include Sarah Palin, Joe Rogan, Vince Vaughn, Michelle Bachmann, Juan Williams, Jim Rogers, Glenn Beck, Willie Nelson, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Penn Gillette, Wrestler “Kane” (Glen Jacobs), Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano, ABC’s John Stossel, John Mayer, CNN’s Jack Cafferty, Jesse Ventura, Howard Stern, Dennis Kucinch, David Letterman, Chuck Norris, Bill Maher, Barry Manilow and Barry Goldwater Jr.
Some of those include unofficial endorsements or those who defended Paul in an argument. A Facebook page aims to compile all known celebrity endorsements.
Notice a lot of creative types love the candidate who thinks outside the box? What does it say, when celebrities are willing to risk possible hits to their status by endorsing the one “who can’t win”? Oftentimes, their popularity rises after speaking with candor about their beliefs.
When one of them falls, count on Ron Paul supporters to lift them up again. Never leave a Ron Paul fan behind.
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