FBI’s new definition of rape ensnares TSA agents as serial rapists

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The definition of “rape” was expanded this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Criminal Justice Advisory Policy Board, following a barrage of emails from feminist activists who demanded change. The old definition was too narrow, many women argued, and needed to be updated. For one thing, it didn’t cover rape by women against women, or men against men, and we’ve all seen just how much of that goes on these days thanks to organizations like Penn State and the Catholic Church.

So in October, the FBI’s UCR subcommittee Advisory Policy Board voted to recommend the definition be expanded. The new definition of rape, which looks set to be “officially” adopted by the FBI in 2012, is as follows:

“Rape” is: …penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

FBI’s definition ensnares TSA agents as serial rapists

Here’s the kicker in all this: According to this definition of rape, the federal government’s TSA agents are serial rapists.

That’s because, in the course of carrying out their lewd, improper and entirely illegal strip-searches and “enhanced pat-downs,” they are engaged in precisely the acts covered in the FBI’s definition of rape. Namely, entering the vagina and anus with their fingers without consent of the victim.

This means the next time you are fingered by a TSA agent in an airport you should seriously call the FBI and report a sex crime. In fact, it is illegal for you to not report a sex offender committing a crime of which you are directly aware. Failure to do so could make you an accomplice in that person’s next sex crime, legally speaking.

Is the TSA really committing these sex crimes in America today? Yes, absolutely. Gov. Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit against the TSA goes into great detail about precisely these kinds of violation. Here’s another story about a woman who was sexually molested by the TSA.

Former Miss USA was also technically molested by the TSA.

And now three elderly women have stepped forward and claimed they were forced to remove their underwear and strip-searched by TSA agents at JFK. Countless women are being raped every single day by the TSA, and most are too shamed by the incident (or intimidated by TSA thugs) to step forward.

What we’re looking at here is government-sanctioned sex offenders who are feeling up our children, teenage daughters, wives, mothers and grandmothers, routinely raping them, and then getting away with it day after day! And, astonishingly, there are only a handful of alternative media people who seem to care about this, with myself being one of the most outspoken. What I have learned in all this is that feminist groups don’t care if their women get raped by government agents because they don’t say a word against it.

Where are women’s’ organizations in taking a stand against serial rapists working at the airport?

In recent protests about expanding the definition of rape, one woman held up a sign that read, “TAKE RAPE SERIOUSLY.”

Except, not if the government is raping people, apparently. Because when the government rapes women in plain daylight, women’s groups remain eerily silent and don’t take it seriously at all.

In a recent article, I called out the National Organization for Women (NOW) for its total silence on the issue of government TSA agents molesting and physically abusing women at airports. Why is rape wrong in the workplace, but rape is totally acceptable at the airport as long as it’s carried out by a government agent?

One of the activist groups behind the FBI’s recent expansion of rape is the Feminist Majority Foundation. They have a campaign called “RAPE IS RAPE” and their protesters march the streets holding up signs that say things like “STOP VIOLENCE!” See photos.

But where is the Feminist Majority Foundation on the issue of the TSA raping women all across America? Dead silence…

So I guess rape isn’t rape then, is it? Not if you’re working for the TSA, it isn’t, apparently. And “STOP VIOLENCE” actually means “…except if the government is committing that violence against women,” in which case all these feminist groups seem to be perfectly okay with it.

Feminist.org caught hosting job listings for TSA serial rapists

In fact, the Feminist.org website even hosts a job listing for a TSA security directory at the L.A. airport! Listed under “feminist jobs and internships” and touting a tag line in the header that reads, “Equality around the world,” this job listing promises that “your success is critical to national security” and says you’ll make up to $172,000 a year. But what it doesn’t say is that part of your job involves leading a team of serial rapists who physically and psychologically abuse women on a day-to-day basis while getting paid inflated government wages to do so. And this is woman-on-woman rape, so it’s really feminists raping other women! How sick can this get?

So feminist.org is apparently not opposed to the TSA raping women every single day in America, and it’s actively helping the TSA recruit more feminist women who will then rape other women! Is that the new feminism in America? I hope not…

NaturalNews challenges Feminist.org and NOW to denounce the TSA serial raping of women

As the editor of NaturalNews.com, I personally challenge these two women’s organizations to publicly denounce the TSA serial raping of women, as defined by the FBI.


If these two organizations will not publicly denounce the ongoing raping of women in America, they are total frauds who are betraying the very women whose rights and “equality” they claim to be fighting form. Maybe by “equality” they just mean that all women are equally raped at the airport or something similarly perverted…

Here at NaturalNews, we believe rape is wrong, and unlike NOW and Feminist.org, we don’t make exceptions for federal employees committing those acts of rape. We think rape is ALWAYS wrong, whether you’re at an airport, a restaurant, a dental chair or a late-night party where you had a little too much to drink or your sex offender creep boyfriend dropped a little Rohypnol in your cup.

It is stunning to find that we, an alternative news organization, actually possess a stronger sense of opposing rape than these feminist groups. And it makes you wonder: If they believe rape is acceptable when committed by federal employees at the airport, under what other conditions would they also support the serial raping of women?

When is it okay to rape women? When you work for the government! (Sick!)

If they already believe it’s okay for federal employees to rape women, would they also say it’s okay for local law enforcement officers to rape women, too? Or is this just a federal right or some sort? Or how about dentists? Can dentists rape women after giving them a little too much anesthesia? Or is that not okay? Somebody clarify this for me, please, because I’m finding all sorts of inconsistencies with the “RAPE IS RAPE… but not always” explanations of these feminist groups.

Oh, or maybe I’m just too stupid to figure this out. I see. I’m not “smart” enough to know that when TSA agents stick their fingers inside your anus and vagina, against your will, somehow that’s NOT rape. Okay, wow. So I must be really stupid or something because I thought rape was always rape. I thought NO meant NO. Maybe I’m just not “trendy” and “metrosexual” enough to stay up with the latest fads, I guess. Maybe the feminists today are actually advocating being raped by government agents and nobody told me about that trend, so here I am like an idiot fighting against the raping of American women when nobody gave me the memo that reads, “Rape is now socially acceptable as long as the rapist claims to be fighting terrorism.”

Well then, if rape is okay now then I suppose if a TSA agent carries a badge to a night club, then he can rape all the women he wants there, right? Because government agents are allowed to rape at will, right? All they have to do is claim they’re “fighting terrorism” while they rip your underwear off, right? That’s what they do to 88-year old women at JFK.

Oh wait, maybe you mean they’re only allowed to rape women at the airport, not at night clubs or bars. Ah, I get it. So now airports are legalized rape zones, and that’s why it’s okay to rape women there, then, right? Am I getting this yet? This sounds really complicated, because I thought rape was rape, no meant no, and I had no idea airports were “legalized rape zones.” Maybe they should put up a sign to indicate that, huh?

Silly me. All this time I’ve been operating from the apparently whacko belief that your vagina or your anus was your own private business and that nobody had the right to violate your body without your express consent. I guess I’m just not up to speed on the latest feminist philosophy, which defends the “administrative right” of government agents to commit serial sex offender crimes at will as long as such crimes are committed at airport security checkpoints in the name of “national security.”

Hitler would have been proud. Yet even though Hitler’s soldiers gassed Jewish women by the millions, even they didn’t rape them first! For that level of psychopathic perverted sickness, you gotta come to the USA, folks. No wonder tourism in the USA has plummeted to record lows. Maybe tour companies should advertise a “free raping!” on their brochures as part of the “bonus” of flying through the United States of America which now features “legalized rape zones” known as international airports.

Where is your outrage?

I hope you see what I’m doing here. I’m trying to evoke your justified outrage at the verifiable fact that women are being raped by the TSA every single day in America — and no one is doing anything about it.

The tongue-in-cheek questions I ask above are lewd, insensitive and highly inappropriate — which is EXACTLY what you need to feel in your gut right now if you are to have any hope of responding to this situation with the proper degree of anger and indignation.

The raping of women in America’s airports is WRONG! It is ALWAYS wrong! There are no exceptions. No excuses. No “administrative rights.” No “we’re fighting terrorism” B.S.

RAPE IS WRONG. Even in the name of (false) security. And to all the women reading this, if you let the TSA rape you today, what else will they try tomorrow?

I mean, for all your fluoride-drooling morons out there who think raping women is perfectly okay because we’re “fighting terrorism,” do you also think that the TSA can rape little boys, too, as long as they claim to be fighting terrorism? So then, in your mind, the only thing that Sandusky did wrong at Penn States is that he wasn’t working for the TSA at the time he was allegedly raping those boys?

Really? Is that your sick, pathetic system of distorted logic?

You see, I recognize this situation for EXACTLY what it is. I have a clear head on this, and my eyes are wide open. I recognize the simple truth that women are being raped across America every single day in our nation’s airports, and even if I am the lone person shouting this across the country, I will continue to shout this simple, obvious truth for as long as it takes for enough people to wake up do something to stop it.

Regardless of the disturbing silence of the feminists on this subject, rape is unacceptable as a “security policy”, even when done by someone wearing a badge. I shouldn’t even have to spend my time covering this whole thing — this realization should be OBVIOUS if half the country weren’t so doped up on psychiatric drugs and vaccine poisoning side effects that their brains were already half-melted into a zombie-like state.

It’s absurd to even have to say this, but let’s stop the raping of women in America. And let’s arrest, indict and imprison the serial rapist sex offenders who are affectionately known as TSA agents. The only badge these goons should be wearing is a name badge in a psychiatric ward.

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