The Cause to Never Mix Nature and Government


Ed Lewis
Activist Post


God’s gift to us includes natural substances to sustain our life.  This begs the question of what is “natural”?  For purposes of this treatise, it is easier to state what it is not, which is not man made.

Natural also means man does not treat the plant or its fruits and vegetables with man-made substances or subject the natural plant to genetic modification.  Without any doubt whatsoever, organically grown plants are the healthiest for consumption.

We also consider meat and other animal-produced products as natural.  However, if processors put additives (e.g. color, preservatives), toxic wastes (e.g. fluoride in water used in processing), taste enhancers (toxic MSG), or other chemicals into the meat product, the product is clearly not natural.  This would omit eating any packaged “processed” meat, such as luncheon meats.  (This does not include added natural spices by local processors.)

Lastly, we treat several non-living, but natural, substances as natural.  Among these are oxygen, water (in its natural, non-poisoned state) and any other naturally occurring chemicals used by the human body to maintain life and good health.  These substances aid organic substances in providing for growth, energy, maintaining the immune system and providing part of the materials for repairing damage to the body.

This article centers on plants, as the jury is still out on eating animal flesh and animal products.  Of the many choices of plants available that cure or aid in curing chronic illnesses, I selected Cannabis and hemp plants in general.  Hemp illustrates why we should not allow government and its many bureaucracies to determine what foods and naturally occurring substances we may use.  Besides the fact that Cannabis is one of the ingredients in “The Holy Anointing Oil” (Exodus 30:22-30) of the Christian Bible, it cures or aids in curing an extensive list of ailments.  In fact, it may have positive effects on every adverse health condition.

As an example, one cannot overstate the importance of preventing and curing cancer.  The reason is that nearly 50 percent of men and 40 percent of women in America develop cancer.

Not commonly known (at least in America), THC-containing hemp cures the cancerous condition.  It does not just treat the condition’s symptoms (tumors).  Thus, its value to human beings is immeasurable, especially if one considers the total uses of the miraculous hemp plants.

Added to this is the fact that if one properly maintains his immune system, he cannot develop life-threatening cancer, as the immune system will destroy it in the early stages.  

(Note:  There will be verifiable additional information on Cannabis and the brief information stated above in the next installment.)


But, first, we need to understand the foundation of the authority of the people, including over our own bodies, and over our government.

We must also consider the fact that government has used all forms of communication to teach nothing but false and/or misleading information.

One might even state with the highest degree of accuracy that government – actually those that control it – uses force to take over the lives and properties of our people using domestic terrorism, fraud, and a plethora of other crimes against the American people.  This includes carrying out the genocide of our culture and society, and, yes, our people.

Without doubt, therefore, the American federal, state, and local chartered bodies politic are de facto governments.  They use coercion and fear to enforce de facto “laws” on us and other innocent people around the world.

Thus, we must become clear in regard to the “by right” or de jure governing authority.  Our youth must become aware of the truth, and the truth must thereafter prevail.


To begin with, “freedom” means, “not under government control”, just as does “liberty”, including the free expression of human rights described by the Bill of Rights.  To cover all conceivable behaviors, see the 9th Amendment.  The only rule of law we are under is that we may not interfere with the inherent, unalienable rights of others.  In other words, our individual rights end where another’s begin.

First and foremost, we each must understand that God or our (Nature’s) Creator, if you prefer, created us equal to each other, but superior to government.  We are the sovereignty and, because we are the supreme authority in the real America that bask in equal authority, we cannot give to government authority we ourselves do not have.

We cannot, for example, give government authority to regulate our food, because we have no authority to tell or order our neighbors what to do, including eating and drinking.  Look at it this way: Would you like your neighbor coming in and telling you, “Hey, you can’t grow or buy and eat that raw vegetable; you have to eat this processed food containing many harmful chemicals.”

Additionally, consider this question: How in the name of all that is righteous can a fiction created by human minds tell those same human beings what to do or not do?  After all, the created can never be greater than the creator.   

As for the federal government, key on the term, “federal.”  It’s authority is only within its jurisdiction, as described in Article I, Section 8, Clauses 17 and 18, and for territories in Article IV, of the Constitution for the United States of America. 

You will not find the states (which are the people of the many states that form the concept, “state”) listed in either of the above Articles of the Constitution because the federal government is just that – “federal” – and not of the many states.  It is as foreign to the states as any foreign corporation.  It is not the “government of the United States of America”.

Understand this.  The Congress of the United States is the only “law” making authority, but only within federal jurisdiction.  It is the legislative body of the areas listed in the Constitution.  To reiterate, Congress has no authority over the people of the many states.

Members of Congress also have the duty of assuring that the rights of even one American Citizen, via his citizenship of one of the many states, are not violated by the federal, state, and quasi local governments.

The president is the President of the United States of America, not the President of the United States (source: the Constitution).  His job is largely to assure Congress does not enforce any of its legislation upon the people of the states.

He and his departments must assure that Congress applies its dictates within the federal jurisdictional area; that no state or local government interferes with the rights of even one American Citizen.  He must also assure that no part of the executive branch violates the rights of even one American man, woman, or child.

Additionally, the executive branch has no legislative powers, either within federal jurisdiction of Congress, or within the many states.  Executive orders are not valid, period, except when ordering about executive branch creations (bureaus, agencies, commissions, etc).  Think.  Why would people seeking freedom want to give one official the power to make laws over all?  Would that not be establishing a “monarchy” form of tyrannical madness?

Note the difference in the titles, as this is extremely important in determining separation of powers.  It is the Congress of the United States, but “…a President of the United States of America.  The two are not, in fact, mixed as a unit but are totally separate.

(Note:  The Constitution does NOT grant a president any additional power during war or any other time.  This suggestion is a gigantic fraud committed against the American people and the people who a  president might order attacked.  There is no such thing as war powers in regard to the American people, especially when directed to violations of constitutional limitations.)

Article III created “one supreme Court” and is not of either the United States or of the “united States of America”.  It has no constitutional title other than the “one supreme Court”.  It is, therefore, a separate entity, neutral from either the United States (the District of Columbia) and these united States of America.

Furthermore, the one supreme court has no legislative power and its decisions are actually only opinions, as only the people can determine law in fact and substance.  Thus, the importance of the people’s impartial Grand Jury and a neutral court (process) and jury and, hence, the importance of juries of the people determining law in fact and substance and jury nullification.


With that statement in mind, every official, whether state or local, within the many states must obey the limitations placed on government by the “Constitution for the United States of America” (Note: not of the United States – see the Preamble).  You see, every official must affirm or subscribe to an Oath of Office. If the official fails to affirm or subscribe to the Oath, the elected or appointed person must vacate the office.

Inherent, unalienable rights, whether enumerated or not, cannot be interfered with in any fashion by the people elected to, or appointed or hired by, the state government or its creations.  “Its creations” are chartered city and county so-called “governments” and those granted lawful privileges (such as using “our” roads for commercial gain). 

Just as with the federal government, state and local governments act as corporations.  All corporations are artificial entities known as “persons” in statutes and other so-called “laws”.  

The people never gave any corporation the authority to rule the people.  Even with a bona fide contract with any American, the contract does not give a governing political body the authority to “rule”.  It may only assure the terms of the contract are met both by the government and the contracted party.


One must clearly understand the meaning of “our bodies” referred to earlier, and the importance of putting the right stuff in them.

To begin with, our bodies, our thinking, and all that we are, are based in part on the fact that we are an electro-biochemical system with known combinations of the chemicals required to form and maintain our billions and billions of cells. 

Combining chemicals and electro systems, however, is not enough — not by a long shot.  We have a spark (for want of a more definitive term) that we call “life” or “living”.  In fact, all plants and animals, whether one-celled or trillions of cells, have the spark.  Not only that, but part of the result can be photographed, as all living matter emits an “aura, which may persist long after death.

Not surprisingly, men cannot duplicate the spark; no matter how hard they try.  Government, or at least the rather psycho controllers of government, try and try to no avail.  We simply cannot create life where none existed before.  

Thus, neither government, nor another man or group of men, created us.  Our Creator gave us that spark, with our living condition determined solely by the materials provided us in natural form plus the spark He provided.  “Life” and good health are maintained with the right chemicals and electromagnetic radiation put in or on the surfaces of our bodies (sunlight).    

Our immune system relies on the right chemicals.  Without them, it is destroyed or so seriously weakened that we suffer illnesses, which are usually chronic in nature.   Only the right stuff cures the conditions.

The “right stuff” does not include man-made chemicals that are foreign to our bodies.  While we suffer no side effects from the right stuff in the right quantities, the same is not true of man-made chemicals.  At best, man-made chemicals mask symptoms, while at the worst cause side effects from mild to extremely dangerous, even to the degree of causing death.

Since we own our bodies, it is solely up to each of us as individuals to determine what we put in our bodies.  Neither government, nor its controllers behind the scenes, has any authority to dictate the plants we grow as food and medicine, or the plants we grow and sell for the use of others.  The Constitution does not grant Government the authority.  Thus, the authority does not exist. 

Nor does the Constitution grant government the authority to dictate the animal flesh we eat, as that is, and must be, the sole determination by each of us as individuals.  Such a determination is between each of us as individuals and our Creator.

Government cannot tell us what foods or anything else we may use medicinally.  This includes any part of plants, those known as herbs, and even chemicals government deems “drugs”.  It may not dictate the use of any treatment for conditions we might suffer.  It simply is against all that is righteous (lawful), a fact that it seems must be forced upon the so-called “leaders” that have violated the trust of their fellow men.  Only our ignorance and/or fear that allows them to treat us as non-human beings to use and abuse, or discard, or poison and control at their will.  


So, here is where we are.  We the people are free to do as we want within or between states without – that is, without – government interference.  Like it or not, there is no authority whatsoever to allow government to regulate any Citizen or group of Citizens so long as the group or individual does not intentionally damage another or his property.

Here are the primary rules of the “rule of Law”.

  • We the people own our bodies.  No one man or group of men has the authority to tell us what we may put into our bodies, or to regulate substances created by Nature’s God.
  • We the people may only regulate ourselves in equality with our fellow Americans.  Our Creator created us.  Government is not our Creator, and therefore has no authority to regulate us.  We instead tell it what to do.

Second, any American government may only regulate itself and its creations.  It has no authority over we the people and is limited from interfering with our free expression of our inherent, unalienable rights, whether within or between the many states.  You see, “among” did not originally mean “between,” but meant within a number of others.

We are, and must be, free men and women with freedom of choice.  Otherwise, all that is good about Mankind may not survive.  Self-actualization of Mankind will cease, leaving only the hate-filled elite evil scum that currently plagues the world with wars, genocide of societies and groups of people, and mass poisoning through our food, water, and air.  They will, unless stopped immediately, eventually wipe out most, if not all, of Mankind.

It is to that, that we must focus our attention and effort.     

(End excerpt. The next installment [if interest warrants] provides fully sourced verifiable information on medicinal and industrial Cannabis and as related to other natural cures.)

Ed Lewis has BS degrees in Biology and Psychology, and has completed the coursework and research for a MS in Experimental Psychology.  He is a certified teacher, but left the field because he could not be part of the dumbing down of American youth.  After taking a break from writing for several years, he has now recognized that there are many people who do want the truth.

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