ACTION ITEM: Join Us to Bring About Peace and Harmony in 2012

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There is little doubt that 2012 will be tumultuous year. Nearly everyone in America and in many parts of the world feel pessimistic about the coming year.

The economy continues to buckle under the weight of immeasurable debt while the powers that be seem to be pushing for more war. Additionally, the mystical influence surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar and other tales of the apocalypse like biblical end times, will only fuel the intensity of 2012.

However, in times of great challenge it is crucial to understand how our thoughts and feelings affect the physical world. Indeed, it is the biggest secret never revealed to the masses – that how we feel and what we think will directly manifest in the real world.

The controllers fully understand this power and use it to great effect. Besides their obvious tactics of using death (wars) and famine (economic depressions), they also artificially divide us, cause us to throw hate at our neighbors, cause us to feel depressed and helpless to change anything, and use any and all methods to blanket our reality with as much negative emotion as possible.

In other words, the more hateful and fearful they can make us, the easier it is for them to not only control us, but also to justify atrocities that would otherwise be viewed as pure evil. Incidentally, those atrocities serve as the feedback loop that keeps the hate and fear cycle alive.

Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to stop this cycle. All we must do, as individuals, is to stop living in fear, stop hating each other, and to start expressing more love and gratitude toward one another.

Stop buying into manufactured division. Realize that your struggle is the exact same struggle as someone on the other side of the world, let alone across the street from you. Realize that no one desires the death and destruction of war. Everyone wants a safe and clean environment in which to raise their family. Everyone wants to live in a fair and free society which provides better opportunities for the next generation.

Because everyone wants these things it should be simple to attain them despite the ever tightening grip of the controllers who clearly need the opposite to maintain the dubious status quo.

There are many fronts where good people are attempting to expose and overturn the current paradigm which enslaves us. However, we would like to propose a peaceful method that we believe is infinitely more powerful than countless anger-driven street protests.

For the entire month of January, we hope that you’ll join us each day in meditating, praying, or simply daydreaming about peace, love, harmony, and gratitude. Take at least ten minutes a day and allow these thoughts to consume you and send them out into the universe. Additionally, during the month, be conscious of when feelings of fear, anger, and hate come over you and immediately dismiss them and replace them with love. You’ll not only make your personal reality a better experience, but collectively we have the power to raise the human condition out of the darkness.

If you lack any spiritual belief, just consider it an experiment in mind over matter. It has nothing to do with an organized religion and everything to do with making your life and the world a better place with minimal effort. We ask that all of our loyal readers (500,000) to commit to this and share this with everyone you know. Our power lies in numbers, and we must use it most effectively.

Please send us your thoughts, meditations, stories, and insights into how you’re adding peace, love and harmony to the world.

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