Man Takes Legal Action Against Former Government Hospital for Unknown ‘Microchip Implant’

Anthony Gucciardi
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A Danish man has filed a writ against Alexandra Hospital for secretly implanting a microchip inside of his body during a 1988 operation, which he says later caused him to hear voices.

After being stabbed in the lung, Mr. Mogens Tindhof Honore received surgery at the hospital in his chest and lung. Later, in 1997, X-rays revealed a metal instrument akin to a microchip present in his left lung. At the time of the operation, Alexandra Hospital was a government hospital under the Ministry of Health.

The former seaman said that after being discharged from the hospital in 1988, he kept hearing voices in his head and could not lead a normal life. In addition to feeling unwell and coughing up blood, Mr. Honore said that strange individuals would walk up to him on the street and speak to him about outlandish subject matters.

Honore may have been implanted with an RFID chip

‘(Mr Honore) also discovered and experienced that strange people on the streets would approach and speak to (him) about strange subject matters or pass strange irrelevant comments,’ according to the papers filed.

Feeling constantly tracked and plagued by unusual medical problems, Mr. Honore felt a “perpetual state of apprehension and fear for the safety of his life.” Unable to hold his job and live a normal life, Honore returned to Alexandra Hospital in order to investigate his condition. The hospital turned him away, stating that they had no record of his stay.

Casey Chang, the director of communications and service quality at the hospital, stated:

‘We understand that the patient had recently returned to Alexandra Hospital to seek information regarding medical treatment he had received at Alexandra Hospital in May 1988. This was 23 years ago when Alexandra Hospital was a government hospital.’

In June 2011, Honore underwent an operation at Mount Elizabeth Hospital to remove the fragment.

It is very possible that the microchip in question could be some form of a radio-frequency identification chip, also known as an RFID chip. RFID chips utilize technology that allows for them to transfer data using radio waves.

While you used to be labeled as insane when discussing the presence of RFID chips in society, they are now more prevalent than ever . . . including medical applications. In fact, scientists have even pushed for RFID chips to be embedded in food items

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  1. Sonni Brian Hansen | December 28, 2015 at 11:07 pm | Reply

    To the one who believes that the body’s immune system will not accept implants

    shown just something you have overlooked when talking about the body’s immune system, which are all things that the body accepts just fine without complications when people order made teeth and using titanium as only convinces it themselves by Titanium implants completely tolerated by the body and actually merging with the existing tissue and bone.

    So it is with that one can not circumvent the immune system that keeps all not quite actually have more materials are finely recorded and accepted by the body.

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