Holding the EU together by Money Printing and Force

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

The European Union is frantically trying to come up with a plan to fix the debt crisis that is threatening to cause a worldwide financial calamity.  It seems every day there’s a new idea to save the union.

The latest is some sort of backdoor bailout through the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Why doesn’t the European Central Bank (ECB) just take care of the bailout by itself?  It legally can’t according to the treaty that formed the European Union.  That hasn’t stopped the central bank from bailing out countries anyway.

But now, debt levels are reaching a critical stage as in a possible default, and the biggest problem is Italy.  Todayonline.com is reporting, “If Italy defaults on its debt of 1.9 trillion euros, the fallout could spell ruin for the euro zone and send shockwaves throughout the rest of the world. Yesterday, Italy’s borrowing rates skyrocketed to record highs in a 7.5 billion euro bond auction. The yield on its 3-year bonds surged to 7.89 per cent, 2.96 percentage points higher than last month, while yields on 10-year bonds spiked to 7.56 per cent, up 1.5 percentage points.”  (Click here for the complete Todayonline.com report.)

The key to saving the euro is Germany because it is the richest of the EU countries and can use its industrial might to help support a bailout fund.

But, Germany has been reluctant to bail out deeply indebted countries.  Now, calls to bend to pressure to save the day and keep the union together are reaching a fever pitch.

The Guardian UK reported earlier this week, “The Polish foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, urged Germany to save the EU from “a crisis of apocalyptic proportions.”  The Moody’s ratings agency predicted that a euro exit by any country would trigger a cascade of sovereign defaults across the eurozone. Jean Pisani-Ferry, director of the influential Bruegel think-tank in Brussels, said that “real businesses” as well as the financial markets were now “pricing in a break-up scenario … If disaster expectations build up and a growing number of players start positioning themselves to protect themselves from it, the consequences could become overwhelming.”  (Click here for the complete Guardian UK story.)

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