Giving Thanks During Hard Times — How You are Shaping the Health Revolution this Thanksgiving

Andre Evans
Activist Post

Thanksgiving is aptly named and recognized as a time to give gratitude, appreciation, and rightful merits. A time to recognize what you should be thankful for, and why.

With the world in a state of disarray, it’s hard to recognize what you should be giving thanks for in the first place. It seems as though the world continuously produces hardship, pain and challenge. From all sides, it’s almost as though a malevolent force bears down on humankind, oppressing and inhibiting our ability to live life to our fullest potential. Of course you are making a difference through promoting and practicing natural health, improving lives in the process.

Undoubtedly, it is also important to identify the threat we face.

Companies are fraudulently pushing their dangerous products. Our food sources are contaminated with a host of chemicals. Genetic modification threatens the integrity of our global food supply. Most importantly, impotent diet and lifestyle breeds apathy and leads to a plethora of disease from physical cancer to mental delusion.

This leads to a band-aid medical solution to treat a symptom, not a cause. The public is convinced that the throng of vaccines and psychotropic drugs will solve their underlying problems. Then, these dangerous products brutally maim and even sometimes murder their users. If they survive, then in a lesser state of life, they are given more fake solutions while all of their wealth is siphoned from them.

You are shaping the health movement through activism and spreading the word

Its almost seems deliberate. These problems progressively culminate in the loss of power and wellness to the individual, you and me. Slowly you begin to wonder about the integrity of those in power and prestige positions. Professionals seem to be purposefully pushing you into a constant state of unwellness. Meanwhile, they are lying about their craft. Some are even producing deadly biological weapons as if to fulfill some apocalyptic movie script ending.

This state of affairs hardly seems like something you would want to be thankful for, but the fact of the matter is that we are slowly winning the battle against health tyranny.

We are making a difference daily

Things are changing. Companies like Merck are being publicly scrutinized and vilified. People are recognizing the dangers around biological threats such as body scanners, water fluoridation, and pharmaceuticals. Actions, no matter how small, are being taken that contribute to the overall paradigm shift. Every time somebody learns the truth, they are empowering themselves to combat the many challenges that face them today. Be thankful that people really are becoming aware of the truth on many levels every single day.

There is still much to be done. All of these challenges highlighted are legitimate, and more are sure to come as well. But the seemingly overwhelming odds give everybody a chance to rise to an even higher glory.

Be thankful for the fact that you are being given a chance to stand against all of these things, and actively make a change in the lives of yourself and those around you. The greater the challenges posed to you, the more you have to aspire towards. The greater your glory is when victory finally comes.

We have and are shaping the way that the general public views health through activism and spreading the word. All thanks to you!

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