Daily Mail In Shambolic and Shameful Hit Piece Against David Icke

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet

Under the headline Wacky conspiracy theorist David Icke cashes in from world tour and booming book business, the Daily Mail, the same newspaper that supported Hitler before World War 2, employs a cocktail of lies, spin and sophomoric taunts in an attempt to discredit Icke. The establishment is obviously not happy about the fact that his speaking tour and books have proven to be wildly popular.

Of course, the horror that Icke should actually make some money back from the sale of tickets and copies of his book is completely indefensible. I mean, it’s not as if the Daily Mail “journalist” who penned this diatribe gets paid to write is it? Likewise, we’d all be rightfully up in arms if the Daily Mail actually had the shame to ‘cash in’ on the release of information by selling copies of its newspapers! Outrageous! Oh, hang on a minute…

The “journalist” who wrote this drivel doesn’t even have the guts to put his or her name to it – that’s how utterly shambolic and shameful a hit piece it is. As if ad hominem and childish insults were not enough, the Daily Mail engages in outright defamation by completely lying about the fact that Icke is a “polygamist” simply because he remains friends with his ex-wife. This is the most abhorrent and pathetic smear we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen plenty.

Here’s the good news – every single one of the ‘best rated’ responses to the article completely slams the Mail and supports Icke. The hit pieces don’t work anymore because the establishment media has lost all credibility – and articles like this will only see them lose more.

Why Are So Many People Gathering to Hear David Icke?

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