Violence Metaphor: The Language of Financial Occupation

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In a recent article by CityWire Press in the European Union, unattributed sources at JP Morgan, in remarks concerning delays in Greece’s willingness to capitulate to financial terrorism, refer to the need to “hold a knife to the throat of the Eurozone” in order to reach a resolution favorable to the very banks that brought about this crisis.

Citing the crucial need for either recapitalization of the banks, or a massive increase in the region’s bailout fund to the tune of trillions of more Euros (both solutions that levy the man-power of taxpayers to re-pay electro-magically created public debts on the banker’s books), anonymous ‘analysts’ at JP Morgan remark that:

“‘It is good to see that both of these options are now more openly discussed in Europe, but it is our sense that the euro area truly needs a knife on its throat before it takes the needed decisions,’ warned analysts at JP Morgan in a note last week.”

Both Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are concerned so deeply with a resolution to the ‘crisis’ that in order to hasten a decision on the part of the captive nation of Greece, they have also warned of the impending catch-22 of complying with the demands of the money masters, a deeper recession to come even if Greece capitulates:

“Such a recession could even be the result of ‘some form of resolution’ of the debt crisis, JP Morgan analysts fear, as that would probably involve further fiscal tightening. And a near-term fading of the crisis would likely to lead to further procrastination by decision-makers, they warned.”

‘Fiscal tightening,’ of course means higher unemployment and the reduction to poverty of many more of the world’s middle class.

In this light, the personification of the banksters as a thief in the night with a throat to the productive nations of the world is quite fitting.  Perhaps violence metaphor once again more aptly gets at the truth in our world of double speak and lies. 

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