Reflections On Our Epic Struggle

Amir Alwani, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The chaos we see in our world today is largely symptomatic of a recipe for world domination and the creation of a world government ruled by un-elected technocratic elites. Central to an understanding of the political climate we are (and have been) in is the classic Problem, Reaction, Solution scenario whereby governments create a problem behind the scenes, then pose as saviors for that engineered problem upon getting our reaction of panic and desperation. They then offer a deliberately defective solution, just in the nick of time.  Many of you know this, but it’s worth repeating.

This is quite the trick, but fortunately today’s science is reminding us that there is no separation between us and anything else. That is the spirit behind operations like We Are Change and the idea that “Resistance Is Victory“. We have been lulled by theatricals. Alex Jones says the elites’ domination over us is like an “ant whipping a buffalo”. It is a joke and, by the way, it’s worth remembering that a good book always involves some conflict. In our collective story, conflict will bring out the best in people. I can already see and feel it bringing out the best in me and those close to me.

We must not let the turbulence of these times get to us.

Depopulation Agenda

People act as though it’s no question that serial killers exist.  But those same everyday people cannot, for some reason, grasp the possibility that serial killers might somehow network or form any type of alliance where they pool their resources together to help them kill more people in more efficient ways.

People act as though it’s no question that hit-men exist, but they can’t grasp the possibility that economic hit-men exist, or that gigantic institutions like the UN seriously want to depopulate the Earth by 85%. Some people are delusional and think that they’ll be one of the lucky 15%, but they would be well advised to visit websites like Not all serial killers are put behind bars. If all the serial killers were actually put behind bars we wouldn’t have genocidal lunatics in as many prominent positions of power all over the globe all throughout history. Engineering a global financial crisis is quite a high crime and has the intended consequence of killing many people. I would imagine this financial collapse would be a lot easier to deal with if a lot of us lived on farms as most did during the during the Great Depression. Many of us live in cities now. The situation is ripe for chaos.

Are They Really That Powerful?

Tough times are ahead of us, but, as we know, strife builds character. We should take this as a challenge. If you’ve ever known a stubborn person then you know it takes some kind of traumatic event to get that person to look in the mirror. Nerve-wracking situations are coming, and by many definitions are already upon us. Life on Earth is indeed threatened by the breakaway civilization’s mad efforts with GMOs and chemtrails, but there is a possibility that we have overestimated just how dominated we are by these people, despite our degenerating society and the mass drugging, the torture, wars, etc. There is the possibility that we have much more potential than we previously thought.

They want to get in our faces? Well then let them play their con game. Let the corporate oligarchy finally show its true colours. After all, our standard of living has been so eradicated that we have almost nothing left to lose. Not all of us have had the luxury of basking in a trance the past 10 years. Many of us could have acted earlier, but “better late than never” is a common saying. We have prayed, we have sat by and watched this dark system devour almost every last drop of wealth, energy, creativity, freedom and hope. We are starving. We have no financial future. Many of us miss the sunlight. We’re sick of watching each other slowly die physically, spiritually and mentally. Many of us have woken up to how controlled our lives have been from the very beginning and silencing us will not be easy.

Our global dictators, on the other hand, have everything left to lose. I mean what they call “everything”. They see the world in only in terms of survival and profit. Money and power is the name of their game. This agenda for a world government has been in place for over a hundred years. Beauty doesn’t do much for these people, so they’ve unleashed an impressive arsenal of soft kill weapons on us. If they quit now, their lives will seem to have been a waste. We are ruled by psychopathic control freaks who’s astronomical lust for destruction and deception is only rivaled by their fear of competition. Fortunately, we are evolving. We are learning to cooperate.

It’s been said that we are now collectively at an infant stage of evolution. We need to grow up. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about our conundrum. Yes, our history is full of suffering, but let’s examine channeling for a moment. Daryl Anka channels an ET who goes by the name Bashar. Humanity keeps falling back into tyranny, time and time again, but if Daryl Anka’s Bashar is correct then our world is preparing to experience a level of unprecedented unconditional love, in the near future. When we remember who we really are, when we reclaim our connection to spirit and regenerate love (this one last time), then that love will never be lost again.

We are on the brink of a gigantic evolution. We have repeatedly watched our world get raped and pillaged by royalty, governments, corporations and each other. We have endured lifelong campaigns of propaganda and advertising, but the truth is more popular than ever. People are seeing that the mainstream media are a pack of liars. As counterculture icon Terrence McKenna noted, we have been born into a culture that we have no say in, but are nevertheless expected to pass on this sick culture to our offspring. It’s clear that there is an overwhelming pressure to conform and that rewards are passed along to the main enforcers of authority. The status quo is instilled through blackmail and a parade of toys, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We should expect change, but only if we make sacrifices and invest time. We shouldn’t expect it to be easy, or handed down to us, but we can look forward to it being rewarding afterward.

We Live In Fascinating Times

Time feels like it’s moving by much faster these days. Everybody feels it. I feel it. I know you feel it. Gregg Braden feels it and he says that scientists have found a way to measure the heartbeat of the Earth. That heartbeat is accelerating. This is happening as the Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker. Scientists looking at the fossil record have pondered that cosmic rays may be responsible for the jumps in evolution seen occurring simultaneously in many different plants and animals in the past. Those who talk of the Mayan calendar mention that our solar system’s alignment with the center of the galaxy is due soon. Crop circles may be predicting upcoming abrupt changes in our DNA.

The Holographic Universe

We are the white blood cells warning others in an effort to ramp up teamwork to expel the toxin, the parasitic system that enslaves us. We are one part of a larger whole.

This brings me to Michael Talbot who discusses the holographic model of the universe, something which sounds complicated, but isn’t, and which ultimately illustrates the interconnected nature of all things and challenges the limiting assumptions that have so crystallized into us. His book, The Holographic Universe, was published in 1991, but for most people it probably reads like it was published yesterday. This lecture is seminal ( but the following video is more condensed:

The whole is contained in every individual part of the whole (as in fractal geometry). As a result, for instance, skilled acupuncturists can look at your ear and can predict things like whether or not you need immediate open heart surgery. That’s right – just from looking at your ear. This is because there are different places on the ear that correlate to places on your body. The way the points are mapped out, it makes the ear look like a fetus.

People also read palms. Iridology is a similar reading of the iris.

People look deep into your eyes for clues, deep into your ears, and deep into your hands. Obviously, since everything is so interconnected, if we want to learn about our present and future then we must deeply look at our distant past. 

Cell Wisdom

In a fascinating Red Ice Radio interview, physicist Tom Campbell touches upon a number of things, one being how the first cells that existed on Earth had to cooperate and get together because they found that was more effective than competition. For him, we are here to “lower our entropy” and to “become love”. He explains that as we grow up and lower our consciousness’s entropy, the whole system grows up because we are a part of that system. He elaborates with in-depth analysis in this intriguing video:

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In this next video below, cellular biologist Bruce Lipton talks of how the “brain” of the cell is not its DNA. Instead, the surface of the cell’s skin is the brain (DNA is more like the gonads). The surface of the skin of the cell is where all the action is, so to speak. Thus, cells grew larger to be able to do more things but, naturally, like a balloon, they pop/die if they get too big. Bruce Lipton understood that ending their competition was a huge part of how some cells were able to survive and thrive. First there were single cells, then groups of cells, then cells specializing in different organs, leading all the way up to the present moment where we find ourselves raping, stabbing and bombing each other, oblivious that the history of the very cells that compose us reveals lessons of cooperation. We are made of cells whose survival depended (and still depends) on cooperation. One might say we can break free from our mental jail cells, in a sense, by learning about the cells in our body. Bruce Lipton elaborates on his findings and the spiritual/political implications here:

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Gregg Braden’s God Code

Also in the realm of cells, Gregg Braden’s profound research has shown that the DNA of every living being on earth has the message “GOD ETERNAL WITHIN THE BODY” encoded in it. Watch him expand on that in this video:

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Effects Of Our Amnesia

Bruce Lipton has written that his peers in med-school didn’t much care to take quantum physics. I think that’s a shame because quantum physics is shedding light on consciousness, and is scientifically validating ancient wisdom. I think our world could stand to be a little more conscious these days, especially when we have ignorant dentists pushing fluoride. Effective alternative medicine is demonized. Ignorant cops are enforcing unjust food laws of all kinds. There is mass drugging/vaccination of populations at the behest of the GMO and pharmaceutical industry. The list goes on. Some may be surprised to learn that in the ’70s, Kissinger called for using food as a weapon.

Recently, on August 29th, Natural News reported:

Today, NaturalNews publishes a stunning story about the IoM which reveals this government-created non-profit to be a key player in the military medical complex involving a shady network of weapons manufacturers, the Department of Homeland Security, top pharmaceutical companies and population control globalists such as Bill Gates. Here, we expose who’s giving the IoM money and why the actual sources of funding behind the IoM destroy any credibility it once claimed to have on the subject of public health.

As we fall further into tyranny, those who have not woken up are going to continue with obsolete ways of life. They will become more and more delusional, à la Titanic Syndrome. Others who have figured out what works are going to fight for their rights.

In 2008, Russian political analyst Igor Panarin predicted the U.S. would collapse by 2010. He may have been a year off. In a recent interview on Infowars Nightly News, investigative reporter Dr. Jerome Corsi said, “We’re at the verge of the breakup of the United States” and warned that the US is at the closest point to a state-right revolution “since the Civil War”.

Birth Isn’t Easy

Things might get ugly, but one analogy I’ve always liked is the following. According to McKenna, if you were, say, a neanderthal and had never witnessed a woman giving birth before and you witnessed a birth happening for the first time, you might conclude that something horrible is happening as you hear agony and see blood. It would take you a while to say “at last, new life”. If you were able to tell the baby at that moment in time, that despite the excruciating pain he’s feeling while going through that canal he will nevertheless, in 25 years, be playing jazz and relaxing, basking in the sun, networking — that baby might think you were a liar. We are going through similar times now. The Earth seems to be our womb.

Grassroots Opposition

Inevitably, we are at a historical crossroads that is demanding much from us. The very fabric of life on Earth is threatened and our models are outdated, but there is room for hope and justification for remaining positive. It’s easier to think there’s nothing we can do about it, but I won’t lick boots.

In Halifax, even a year ago, I saw stickers everywhere (bus shelters, garbage cans, mailboxes, etc). Sometimes somebody took them down, but usually fresh ones would be right back up there soon after. I also know 2 tattoo artists who “force-feed” their clients Alex Jones documentaries during the tattooing. There are passionate people around here who have stopped being passive observers and have creatively inspired with active participation. We might not see them often, but they are there.

The globalists are almost out of tricks. All they have is false flag terrorism and war. How long can that kind of thing last? Scientists have found that after an idea reaches 10% of the population it spreads like wildfire. Researchers have also discovered a ratio of how many people need to be praying/meditating to affect 7 billion people. They found that 7,000 people could affect 7 billion. This is the science of what works. We have learned from our experiences, and free humanity is a force to be reckoned with.

Ancient wisdom will prevail.

We insist on justice. In particular, we really don’t like the corporation known as the Federal Reserve. You can’t make 95% of the value of the U.S. dollar evaporate in just a few decades without a significant amount of people knowing and igniting a big chunk of grassroots opposition. Some ideas you just can’t hijack. The globalists know this and have prepared. It’s not new information to them, but it’s new to many of us so we have the responsibility to refine our understanding of this power structure.

We have the responsibility to spread the word so that we can more effectively demand that the true source of the problem be dealt with. We have no more patience for anything else. We will not cut corners in our pursuit of truth. The Federal Reserve system and 9/11 is at the heart of societal degradation. These are two things everybody should investigate. Don’t wait for experts. They won’t come to you. As acclaimed hip-hop artist Immortal Technique proposes in his lyrics, “Read it yourself instead of asking the government why”.

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Amir Alwani is a psychonaut who makes metal, electronic, and hip-hop music. He is also the editor of the online independent media outlet known as Potent News.

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