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Mary Ellen Taylor
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Dear Fellow Victim or Advocate for reforming guardianship proceedings:

On 9/22/2011, Senator Amy Klobuchar chaired a Senate Judiciary committee hearing on reforming Guardianship proceedings. We need to act now to show the Judiciary committee that we support this effort, and are not afraid to speak with one clear voice on the issue of legislative reform of abusive practices in guardianship proceedings. Even though we are a diverse group of victims – the net result of the abuse shows a similar pattern – denial of civil rights and devastating financial exploitation.

Recently there has been some infighting between different members of different guardianship-reform groups. The fact is that the diversity of the members of the various groups demonstrates that abusive practices in guardianship proceedings is a National Problem which impacts both the disabled and non-disabled, and occurs to people over and under 62 years old. Additionally, this abuse occurs throughout the socio-economic spectrum.

We need to work to resolve these differences in approaching the challenges before us whatever differences there are, and align our efforts with those lawmakers who want to end this abuse permanently. This infighting only helps the predators win. Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office said that they would be willing to accept a “True Victims Report” a National Guardianship Victims report compiled and written by victims of the abuse. This report will allow the U.S. Government to get a better understanding of the patterns of abuse which in turn will lead to a more systematic approach to producing solutions to end guardianship abuse.

On November 2, 2011 we are going to hold a rally-“One Voice for Reforming guardianship.” on the U.S. Capitol lawn across from the Supreme Court at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm to accomplish the following:

  1. Voice support for the U.S. Senators who are working to resolve these abuses via legislative reforms- Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Al Franken (D-MN.) & Amy Klobuchar (D-MN.)
  2. Raise awareness of the problem- by visiting your State’s lawmakers, and dropping off some flyers.
  3. Share ideas to build a unified approach towards legislative reform. (i.e., discuss the ongoing development of a National Victims report.)

The time is right for this rally as the combined effect of the “graying of America ”, (e.g., “the Silver Tsunami” and the 54 million existing disabled impacted by the abuse raise both the political stakes involved, as well as the sad cost in human suffering.

Also, if there is less institutional bias demonstrated against wards( i.e., Probate Judges “rubber-stamping” orders to force victims into nursing homes) and wards were allowed to choose where they wish to live-there would be significant savings to the U.S. taxpayer.

Please email us at [email protected] to receive a questionnaire to contribute your story and data for the compilation of the “The True Victims Report” a National Guardianship Victims report compiled and written by victims of the abuse.

Many hands make light work – anyone who would like help at the Rally we would love to have your assistance and support.

Lets make it a day of Fun and laughter among those with One Voice for Reforming Guardianship.

Sincerely seeking justice & we are counting on all of you,

Mary Ellen Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Bonnie Reiter
Laura Francios – Eugene
Maritza Torrent
An interview aired on October 4 on Republic Broadcasting’s “The Unsolicited Opinion,” hosted by Maggie Roddin, discussing the depths of depravity to which our guardianship system has sunk and some of the problems created by legislation which is being proposed to ostensibly address the issue of corrupt guardianships. The proposed legislation, now pending in DC, may actually make the current crisis much, much worse. You can hear the interview by going to this link and clicking on the arrow: http://theunsolicitedopinion.com/2011/10/04/tuesday-october-4th/

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