Police State? Affirmative. Wake Up before you Wake Up in a Cell

Owen Myles, Contributing Writer
Dear patsy hunters,
I am not a “lone operator”, nor am I a radical. I am neither a wolf, extremist, thug, or hippopotamus. Violence is your profession, not mine. Please reserve your analysis until you’ve either been partially educated, or have at least discovered a multi-page dictionary. You have the mind of a lion, and the heart of a heavily contested egg. Consult a mirror for the perfect patsy.
Apparently the police can dictate what you display in your own window — by cutting the glass and removing whatever it may be. And if that fails to discourage you from expressing yourself, then a SWAT team will help you.(1) 

These people were protesting the murder of yet another unarmed civilian by police-thugs (Barry Deloatch). Despite the legitimate cause for the protest, the police — with their well-expressed appetite for violence — attended the event for the sake of beating the moribund horse of free-speech further toward a final breath.

While some occupy Wall Street, other locations are occupied by similar protesters, and such locations and protesters are multiplying. For the sake of not stirring a hornet’s nest, I’ll not directly quote Malcolm X regarding self-defense, but those who know, know. For those who don’t, listen — to the whole speech.

If the cognitively dissonant anthem of peace smothers the ears of the majority while violence afflicts every man and woman with an active conscience, a grave and palpable discrepancy has presented itself. Armed machines will inform you that such a discrepancy is your savior, and that to question it is heresy — punishable by a cage, or lethal force. These machines will whisper words of peace — but take them literally, and they will rattle your bones with the pure tone of brutality. 

Some are tired. Some are comfortable. Some are afraid. Some are busy. Regardless of your reason, a time will come. This time will demand a decision. It will directly confront your conscience, and demand a response. Some will have the chance to ignore it . . .  for a while. Others will have to choose without delay.

Examples of historical tyranny are not confined there; like a recurring nightmare, they return throughout the ages. And if Malcolm X was here facing tyranny today, I doubt he’d utter a single word denoting a single shade of any color other than the blood-red of a universal alarm which now sounds for all.

As Bruce Lee might have said, we must “face the dragon”. This dragon does not know fairness. It does not know kindness. It only knows its own impulse. But take away its food (us), and like a shrew it will consume itself.

The wave of self-respect that is now sweeping the nation, will show whether such a time has come to honor the conscience, and confront tyranny. We must let it be known that we will not let our fellow people be bullied — or attacked — for calling a turd a turd, and that it will take so much more than zip-ties and tabasco-sauce to silence us, that they’d better hear our voices of reason before the voice of something else deafens all.
1. Alexander Higgins

The Eccentric Intelligence Agency: Helping the Ouroboros finish itself.

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