People will Rise: Black THIS Out! (Video)

Jack Blood

Dear Readers:

So many reasons to do this, and only a few are “political” –

In General we have Censored ourselves (using our web header) to put light on how millions of Americans self censor themselves everyday. You censor yourselves so you can stay at your job. You censor yourselves so you can be in a “movement”. To worship. For Family. To communicate… We have been our own shepherds and sheep dogs. Our own persecutors, judges, and hangmen for too long. The Cycle must end.

The Media is choosing who will be your candidates for “selected official” er… O’ Fish Shill. We must DEMAND equal time. We must have accountability for the truth. The people want ALL sides of the story.

I urge you to black out with us. Share the message of corporate censorship, and defeat Neo Fascism!

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