New Occupy Movements Kick Off Today (Video)

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The Occupy Wall Street movement has been organically spreading across the nation to such an extent that even corporate media (and corporate political parties) are wrestling with the best approach to define it and co-opt it.  The video below announces the start of Occupy San Diego, and is just a short example of why this movement is spreading so quickly — and why it is a worst-case scenario for the elite.  The elite are specialists at divide-and-conquer techniques, but that becomes exceedingly difficult when the melting pot of America truly spills over.

As we have been scanning the voluminous number of videos posted around the Web, what seems most clear is a desire to make the country a better place.  With this simple mission, the free market of ideas will be allowed to sort out the rest.  This decentralized movement is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors again, share ideas, and debate about the best future for America.  It is a time not to be spoken to, but to speak for yourself.

Federal Reserve Occupation also launches tomorrow with the full weight of behind the mission.  It begins in Dallas and is sure to spread like wildfire.

Above all, this is the time to choose your location to occupy, make your unique voice be known, and participate in what looks like the genuine start of the Second American Revolution. 

Find Your Nearest Occupation Here 

Occupy Together — MeetUps in 792 cities nationally and internationally 

Hat tip to Zen Gardner at Before It’s News for sending the video

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