The New Economy – Local Food And Energy Will Fix The Economy In 1 Year Or Less

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It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s wrong with this economy and some clear and concise steps we can all take to improve the economy immediately.

While reading Slow Money, (If you don’t know about Slow Money, it means we all start spending money locally deliberately. It doesn’t matter how much, 1% will help ensure that local food producers are able to make a living at producing food, which secures food production) – the realization hit me – we are hemorrhaging money from this country with every drop of gas and oil we buy and burn. Some estimates are in the Billion$ a day! This money could be going to seeing to it your neighbor has a job, doesn’t loose their house at a devalued market and therefore devalue yours. And you get good health and make new friends in the process.


How to start? It’s easy! The money you usually spend on gas every week can go for buying a bike, among other things. Maybe its only $10 a week that you can cut back on gas, maybe its $129 a week, but the important thing is- only you can stop the hemorrhaging of money out of this country. If we all start making the effort to stop this blood bath – the lives we save may be our own. It might sound idealist, but every president in office in the last 30 years has told us we must stop our addiction to gas. . .and we didn’t listen and not all of us are listening now.

We’re not listening to the sound of jobs leaving the country. We’re not listening to the tent cities popping up around the country and the homeless people living out of their cars or standing roadside begging. We’re not listening to the unemployed or under-employed. What we are listening to is the voice over the tubes telling us we deserve our freedom, we “deserve” our ability of each be independently mobile. This message is a strangle hold on our ideals when it conflicts with our common goals and ideals of real freedom – the ability to not work, not have affordable healthy food and reasonable priced energy.

But its not all bad- we get some nice benefits! Here’s a few ways we can rebuild our country that are easy –

  • Ride share to work with a neighbor;
  • Clean out the bike out of the garage and ride it once or twice a week;
  • Walk to shops, work and entertainment;
  • Work a day or two from home; or
  • Take low cost public transportation.
  • Some people are using “neighborhood vehicles” so they divide the cost of insurances, maintenance as well as gas.

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