Institute of Medicine Admits Vaccine Dangers After Review

Andre Evans
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Natural health practitioners have long been raising the alarm over the risks of vaccinating, and now the prominent Institute of Medicine (IOM) is agreeing with the claims of top experts that vaccines are not free of dangerous side effects. Accounts of adverse reactions that have resulted in hospitalizations and even cases of death have been reported after vaccine use. Such is the case with the Gardasil vaccine, linked to over 49 deaths. Yet, California legislatures, paid by the manufacturer of Gardasil, are still trying to make it mandatory for all young boys and girls. Still, we’re constantly reassured by medical ‘experts’ that vaccines are not dangerous, despite the vaccine inserts admitting to a slew of adverse side effects, and in some cases even death.

These mainstream medical talking heads assure you that vaccination poses no threat to you or your family, and avoiding vaccination is only putting others who have been vaccinated at risk. Of course that makes no sense, considering that if others are vaccinated they should be protected from the disease in question. They say that vaccination is not an option, it’s a duty.

Who could forget the H1N1 scare in 2009? Or the massive ad promotion that came with it, despite the virus being an overhyped threat? Piggybacking on the pandemic scare, clinics and even local pharmacies began to advertise convenience based ‘swine flu shots.’

Even today, you can go to your local Walgreens or CVS and find them ready to administer some form of immunization with little hassle or preparation.


Amazingly the seasonal flu shot now contains the H1N1 vaccine as well, despite its links to deadly nerve disease and narcolepsy.

The campaign perpetuates itself through social media charities on Facebook, promising to distribute over $6 million worth of these flu shot vouchers everywhere.

Fans actually donated to ensuring that these side-effect-ridden shots were distributed to over 6 million individuals.

Media outlets continue to assure citizens that vaccination is sensible, and that the makers would never intentionally cause harm to its users, but how can vaccine manufacturers be trusted? Knowing that these companies admit that their products can produce numerous adverse reactions, introduce the possibility of serious impairment or death, even that their own products contain the deadly SV40 virus? Furthermore, vaccine manufacturers are immune to legal repercussions, so they simply do not have to care about the health implications of their products!

Now even the IOM, a mainstream medical establishment, is speaking out against the dangers of vaccination. Recently the IOM released a comprehensive report, admitting that vaccines are not free from adverse side effects. In the safety review, evidence suggested that a causal relationship between certain vaccines and adverse health complications does exist.

These vaccines, including MMR, chickenpox, influenza, hepatitis B, meningococcal, and tetanus were all linked to causing anaphylaxis, a potentially life threatening allergic reaction, as well as specific immunizations being responsible for other effects including brain inflammation, fainting, seizures, and potentially life threatening infections like pneumonia, hepatitis and meningitis.

Despite this, the IOM states that “Few health problems are caused by vaccines.” Their conclusion is that there is not enough conclusive evidence to suggest that vaccines are significantly dangerous to use.

This is because there are apparently so many other side effects from these vaccines that they can’t determine what is actually causing these adverse reactions, although it seems pretty obvious that there is some bad science involved with these vaccines.

The paradigm becomes frightening when you realize that these vaccines are highly dangerous, and the full extent of their effects has not been conclusively determined. Despite this, vaccines are being portrayed as safe, helpful, and even 100% necessary.

Parents are pressured to get the vaccines for their children, and some officials are going as far as to ban unvaccinated children from classes and drive to their homes with a vaccine-equipped nurse.

Its disingenuous to paint the image that these vaccinations are safe when studies are showing that they are arguably the cause for many of the prevailing health issues we now face.

The IOM may not be able to make a conclusive analysis, but you as an individual can draw your own conclusions based on the research to help protect yourself and your family.

Please visit Natural Society for more great health news and vaccine information.

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