Injustice For All: Criminalizing ‘Intent’ of Americans Seeking Controlled Substances

Jay Van Liere
Reality Sandwich

Modern day Rome gnashes, claws, and flails as the illusion of its control is shaken. A new bill signed by the Judiciary Committee will allow for U.S. citizens to be brought up on felony drug conspiracy charges if they express plans to use substances abroad which are banned domestically, regardless of their legality in the foreign country.

The bill was sponsored by Texas Republican and Judiciary Committe Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith. This speech law, effectively, would criminalize any talk or intent by Americans abroad pertaining to controlled substances, but not the actual possession or consumption of them therein, effectively expanding drug conspiracy law enforcement against U.S. citizens to a global level.


If passed, this bill could target any American attempting to attend an entheogenic shamanic retreat abroad, or say even just a group of people planning a marijuana bar-crawl in Amsterdam. Americans could face the threat of being convicted of a crime predicated merely upon speech alone. [Got free speech?] And it is worth stressing that the Judiciary Committee is vying for a felony charge (federal crime) here: no paltry misdemeanor, as three felonies alone can be used to lock someone up for a life sentence.

Not-so-coincidentally, the nascent proposal comes simultaneously as the Obama administration is engaging in a new effort to target California medical marijuana dispensaries. In 2009, Starbucks’ numbers were eclipsed by dispensaries in the state; but currently, federal attorneys are threatening many dispensaries with legal action if they do not shut down. This is a full reversal of previous federal policy of non-interference. From Occupy Wallstreet/everywhere to food freedom fighters to benevolent ETs absconding with the nukes, global fascists will not take these affronts lying down – it will go out kicking and biting……And so be it….yet injustice soon will fall.

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