FukushimaUpdate.com Provides an Aggregate of the Ongoing Nuclear Meltdown News (Video)

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Sadly, the deadly radiation still spewing out of the melted down Fukushima reactor in Japan has gotten little media coverage.  Perhaps the most devastating environmental issue of our time, Fukushima has lost out to news of more wars, pending economic collapse, global insurrection of angry humans and all the other important stories, as well as some blatant distractions.

Even the alternative media finds little space for what may indeed become a nuclear holocaust of the entire northern hemisphere.  It has the potential to contaminate air, water, and soil, and thus, our food supply for generations to come. When put that way, it makes all other worldly concerns pale in comparison.

Because of viewer demand, Japan resident and alternative news presenter James Corbett, of the Corbett Report, introduced FukushimaUpdate.com.  This much needed news aggregate organizes and presents all of the breaking news regarding the ongoing nuclear meltdown.  Additionally, Corbett is doing daily video updates about all of the important Fukushima news.  The first of these updates can be seen below:

James Corbett, one of the busiest people in the truth business, relies almost entirely on viewer support to continue his work.  So, please support him by subscribing to FukushimaUpdate.com or the Corbett Report.

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