Chemtrails Exposed

credit: The Intel Hub

Peter Kirby
The Intel Hub

According to all United States federal government organziations, chemtrails do not exist and/or are a conspiracy theory. They claim that the white lines in the sky stretching from horizon to horizon are normal jet contrails.

Somehow, I assume using theoretical physics, these contrails can first appear as small white lines high in the sky then, over the course of hours, expand as they float down to earth first creating small clouds and finally a haze. This is exactly what is happening.

They were spraying us something fierce today above San Francisco. They often do it before a weather front is coming in. There were lines in every direction, a big X in the sky and then the inevitable haziness.

Everybody saw it. Many people knew what it was. Many do not want to realize it, so they may never. If you want to be a good slave, I’m sure you will bend over and take the easy way out.


I do not appeal to the slave rather I appeal to the person who has the courage to stand up for humanity and accept themselves as the only authority. I suggest that you read the following exposé and ask the tough questions about what OUR government says is NOT happening.

A typical chemtrail appears as a white line in the sky. These lines become diffuse as they float down to earth. Heavy spraying creates a thick haze over vast areas.

Often, in certain areas of the country, you will see grid patterns in the sky formed by chemtrails. If you watch closely, you will see that these white lines in the sky come from passing jets.

The fact that these exhausts persist means that they are of particulate matter. Contrails are unaduIterated and typically disappear within 2 minutes while chemtrails can linger for hours. The word ‘chemtrail’ is derived from the word ‘contrail.’

At the time of this writing, chemtrails are appearing almost every day above San Rafael and San Francisco. By most accounts, chemtrail spraying became nationally prevalent in the mid 1990s.
There is a political grouping among affected nations; almost all are NATO members. Interestingly, there is reportedly no spraying in South America, China or Russia, etc.

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