CBP Interior Checkpoints Violate the 1st and 4th Amendments (Video)

Brian D. Hill

Notice: You can also read the CBP.gov document (Mirrored at USWGO) introducing people to the CBP checkpoints, which are unneeded since the border patrol already inspects vehicles upon entry into the country. The purpose of these checkpoints are to harass and possibly detain legal American citizens. I cannot see how internal checkpoints all over the country can really be legal and stop illegal immigration since bills are coming to the senate legalizing and giving amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States. The purpose of the checkpoints is to violate the U.S. Constitution according to my research.

From all the research I have done, the Customs and Border Protection has been conducting interior or what some call internal checkpoints many miles within the United States of America even though border patrol agents already search cars and conduct inspections at the border.

We already are paying for border patrol government services so why on earth do we need extra internal checkpoints that violate legal immigrants and citizens Constitutional rights?” says Brian D. Hill of USWGO, We Are Change, and FederalJack which is investigating for this article about the checkpoints, and who is authorizing them.

I found out about these new Unconstitutional and obsessive tax wasting checkpoints from TheAlexJoneChannel where Alex Jones decides to film one of their checkpoints and was able to film the whole ordeal without getting arrested.

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