Smart Meters Can Reveal Your Personal Habits in The Worldwide Energy Web

The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy. — Patrick Wood 

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Smart Meters are showing up across the U.S. despite pockets of fierce resistance.  These meters are part of the SmartGrid system which relays real-time, wireless data in order to monitor and distribute energy use down to the tiniest detail.  The professed purpose of this grid system — to reduce carbon emissions — is ringing more hollow than ever, as both health and privacy concerns are taking center stage for an increasing number of people who are aware of the dangers on both levels.

Smart Meters use radio frequency microwaves, which have produced a documented list of negative health effects, as shown in the video below.

Now, a German study highlights the precision with which these devices can also monitor personal habits such as TV viewing.  This lends credence to those who have asserted from the beginning that Smart Meters are nothing more than the latest attempt to ratchet up the all-seeing eye of the surveillance and data collection network.

These devices are more appropriately viewed as a two-way data collection web with the user as the centerpoint.  It now has been revealed that the information being transmitted outward goes beyond merely which appliances of yours are contributing to supposed Global Warming:

“The group’s experiments used data from a standard EasyMeter smart meter installed in a normal home. The meter sends electricity usage data to a server every two seconds. The customer profile on the supplier’s web server shows the household’s total consumption, from which it is possible to extract and analyse TV viewing data…

Second by second data transfer makes it possible to carry out much finer analysis”

This analysis is so fine, potentially, that it can target not only the source of the data (TV, DVD, etc.), but through an analysis of the light and dark spectrum even specific programming can be identified.

Patrick Wood gave an excellent presentation recently about the history of technocratic control, and the nature of the elites such as David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski who have shepherded Smart Meter technology.  The grid they are putting in place aims to reduce individuals to their representative zeros and ones in the digital world to commodify the production and consumption of the human race toward a “new economic order” run by scientists and technicians.  The data collection and surveillance component is merely an added bonus for technocrats and those with aspirations of global control.

The good news is that the SmartGrid initiative is Federal and global, so you can work on the local level to resist Smart Meters in your community, as many already have.  The range of Smart Meter violations has crossed economic, privacy, and health boundaries, making this an easy issue to discuss with your neighbors. You can educate people about the history of technocracy and the central role Smart Meters play in the new Worldwide Energy Web, and form a local coalition to pressure your municipality.

Please drop a note in the comments section if Smart Meters are in your community, what the response has been and what actions are being taken to remove them.  Please also visit for more information about how you can take action.

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