NaturalNews obtains documents proving FDA abducted an American citizen in illegal war against herbal cancer cures (updated)

Mike Adams
Natural News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration masterminded an illegal international abduction of an American citizen as part of its illegal war against natural cancer treatment products, NaturalNews can now reveal. (This is an exclusive NaturalNews story, so please credit NaturalNews as the source.)

Gregory Caton, an herbal product formulator living in Ecuador, was kidnapped at gunpoint in 2009, forced onto an American Airlines commercial jet in Guayaquil, and flown to Miami as part of an “extraordinary rendition” operation which involved U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials knowingly providing false information to Interpol (among other crimes) and recruiting what appear to be FBI agents who illegally operated on the ground in Ecuador.

This revelation fits the pattern of rising criminality throughout the U.S. federal government, where even the ATF was recently caught running guns into Mexico and specifically arming Mexican drug gangs as part of its now-exposed Fast and Furious operation (…).

NaturalNews has now acquired documentation proving that Greg Caton was illegally stalked and then abducted in Ecuador by U.S. State Department agents who bribed local officials and military personnel in Ecuador to help carry out the criminal acts. Some of those co-conspirators within the Ecuadorian government are named below.

The documentation proving all this hinges on Greg Caton’s Direccion Nacional De Migracion report, which can be viewed at:…

The Ecuadorian migratory report

As a former resident of Ecuador, I have considerable personal knowledge and experience on the workings of the Ecuadorian government. All foreign residents of Ecuador have their travel entry and exit events recorded in something called a “migratory report” or a “movement report.” This report records what day you entered or exited the country, allowing immigration officials to accurately calculate your visa status. (Ecuador has a very serious problem with illegal immigrants from Peru, Colombia and surrounding nations, so it tracks immigration movement quite diligently.)

If you leave Ecuador, your exit is processed through immigration. This is unlike the USA, where you can fly out of the country without passing through immigration checkpoints. In Ecuador, they have tighter controls on people leaving the country, and they record the date that you left. So any person leaving the country through any lawful process must have an exit event recorded on their migration movement report.

The movement report of Greg Caton, however, shows no official recognition that he ever left Ecuador in 2007. That’s because he was kidnapped by U.S. officials who violated international law and violated Ecuador’s own legal process in forcibly removing Greg Caton from Ecuador. This document proves it.

Notably, Greg Caton was not doing anything considered illegal by Ecuador. In fact, the idea of creating your own herbal salve products using plants from Mother Nature is considered perfectly normal throughout Central and South America. The idea that someone could be branded an “international criminal” for selling a plant-based cancer salve is considered ludicrous! Ecuador actually welcomed Greg Caton because he was manufacturing his Cansema product there, hiring workers and providing jobs for Ecuadorian locals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, on the other hand, which is a criminal racketeering organization that protects the financial interests of the drug companies, has always tried to paint herbalists as criminals (see below). 

The proof that Caton was illegally kidnapped: Extraordinary rendition

Examine Greg’s movement report:…

To read it correctly, you need to realize that Ecuador uses the DD/MM/YYYY format for dates. So 02/09/2007 does not mean February ninth, but rather September second.

“Fecha” means date, and you can clearly see the date on this report is September 7, 2011 (it was produced just last week, when Caton returned to Ecuador). The last movement recorded on this document is from September 2, 2007, showing he entered Guayaquil from the United States four years ago.

Importantly, there is no record that Greg Caton ever left Ecuador when he was abducted by U.S. State Dept. officials. In fact, as far as Ecuador was concerned, Greg Caton had never left the country at all.

Of course, in reality, he has spent roughly the last two years sitting in prison in Louisiana and Texas, because once U.S. officials successfully kidnapped and flew Caton back to the United States, they threw him in prison to serve out the remaining two years on his probation sentence. Caton was convicted of selling “unapproved drugs,” you see. And those unapproved drugs were none other than the plant-based anti-cancer herbal salves that have, for decades, infuriated both the FDA and the AMA. These are the same herbal formulas advocated by Harry Hoxsey, who was intimidated and threatened by the AMA many decades ago (

Hoxsey is the cancer cure pioneer featured in the book When Healing Becomes a Crime co-authored by Kenny Ausubel (…). It is an extraordinary book about how the medical establishment condemned, threatened and then outright criminalized the efforts of Hoxsey to offer an alternative cancer cure that really worked.

Not much has changed in almost a hundred years, it seems, as the FDA is still engaged in outright criminal behavior in order to achieve its aims of destroying any person who attempts to sell cancer cures that are safe, effective and affordable. This is why the FDA went after Greg Caton in the first place, and the lengths to which the FDA has gone to persecute this individual demonstrate just how terrified the agency really is of people who try to educate the public on the truth about cancer.

What truth is that? Cancer can be cured. Numerous cures already exist right now, and Greg Caton offered one of them in his Cansema product. There are many others.

FDA provided false information to Interpol 

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